Nebula Drop 4/17/20

Hey Nation,

I did some updates to the site and have some more to do, but I hope this drop goes ok. We have limited numbers of the Life and Respawn in the Nebula colorway. It was small tester run to see how they ended up because the process is labor intensive and expensive. Well they turned out AMAZING!

We plan to have more in the future but for now just 8 of each. Thanks for understanding, try to sort the store page in different ways if you don’t see the yoyos pop up at 7pm est.

have a great weekend!

Banshee SS 2/28/20

Hey Nation –

Tonights drop includes the red/orange SS, in a limited number and also a mystery Colorway option. The mystery SS is a color you haven’t seen yet on the SS, but I wanted to add to tonight’s drop so there’s more SS to go around and no ones upset they didn’t get one! I have two new colors that the mystery could be, if you end up ordering two I’ll make sure you get both.

Have a great weekend!

Capsule Release

G2 Nation,

Big day today. We have been wanting to release an accessory container for a few years now, and we finally get to make it happen. Blue and Deep Purple will be available today, more depending on the demand for these. I’m excited to see how you all end up using them.

We also have the solid purple Respawns going up. There is only 5 of them as the rest were engraved with Coffin art.

more information here

8pm est in the store for all items today.

Have a good weekend!

A Cool Mystery Box

G2 Nation,

I woke up today and decided to be productive. I have some small numbers left of some solid color Reapers and Covenants. I decided to set them up as a mystery box with a campaign. In order to make the deal super sweet I added some Banshee SS to the mix. 1 in 4 will be coming with a Banshee SS instead of a Reaper/Covenant. Pretty cool right?

That’s all for the day. They should be live in about 20 minutes. 20 boxes total.

The Final Wolf

G2 Nation,

Today we drop the last Wolf. I thought about making about run because these are glitches, but the machine shop that made these has since stopped operation.

Frustrated we didn’t end on an A grade but the final colorway makes up for it. Available Monday 1/27/20 at 6pm est in the G2 Store.

Quick update – We added some long sleeve shirts to the store. Maybe the first time we have ever sold long sleeves. One time run.

Have a great week!


Cold Brew Reaper

G2 Nation,

I am making an attempt to make blog posts about new releases and restocks this year.

So let’s catch up first. We have 3 new products in the store right now. Respawn owners will rejoice, we now have pads and bearings in stock. Pads are nice to change often on the Respawn if you like it to be snappy responsive. Lubing the bearing weekly will also help with that.

We stocked a nice winter beanie. It’s got a dope leather patch. I think there’s only 3 left, go cop now if you want it.

Ok that catches us up to today’s drop. The amazing Cold Brew Reaper and Pecan Brown Respawn. The Reapers are all glitches due to a minor minor vibe – you might not even notice. But you will notice the savings, $35 off retail! The Respawn are limited to 5 pieces. I had some brown ones made and engraved as Christmas presents. These are the left overs that didn’t get engraved. I really like them, kept one for myself. 😎 Both is these will go live on the 16th at 8pm est

Life Restock 12/15/19

G2 Nation,

Just wanted to stop in and let you know we have a Life restock happening today. We have the Plasma and Purple Haze colors.

Purple Haze

This is part of the second run Life’s, which feature a tighter bearing post for smoother yoyos and the legendary Diamond Blast. If you haven’t tried a yoyo with Diamond Blast yet, just do yourself a favor a try just one. It’s the best.

G2 Diamond Blend

When you buy a premium yoyo from a boutique company it only seems fitting to complement it with a string created with the same level of expertise and passion. The G2 Diamond Blend was created to enhance your boutique throwing experience by extending that premium feel and quality from the yoyo to your throw finger, leaving no weak link in the chain and no hindrance upon your creativity.

The Diamond Blend is composed of a proprietary formulation of soft nylon and ZipLine polyester core thread, specifically tailored for G Squared Yoyos. It excels at air cutting whips, reliable binds, and extended performance. The sensation over the fingers is a combination of that slick/soft feel you get from nylon, and the firm rigidness found in performance type polyester strings – pulling from the best of both worlds. These can easily outlast standard polyester strings by several times, have in extremely slow fraying period, and feel nicer and nicer as they break in.

With G2 Diamond Blend, we use only the finest ingredients that are currently available in combination with a great deal of consideration and preference direction from Jacob Gross. We’ve gone through dozens of test trails and have experimented with different approaches, techniques, and as many variations of each that we could possibly come up with. Along the way we’ve even torn everything down that we’d worked for and started from scratch with newly found materials, all while using a variety of the best G2 yoyos out there for testing. Not only are you getting premium level materials and methodology in string making, you’re also getting something that’s perfectly suited for G Squared products. In our book this is a total win, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created together. 

From Jeremy: I liken the Diamond Blend unto a high grade audio cable being paired with a premium microphone. When I was working in the audio industry, it was always a topic of conversation amongst engineers that it was an insult to a boutique microphone to be paired with a dinky low grade microphone cable. It’s a rookie move that is often corrected after lots of trial and error and years of experience. Sure the cheap microphone cable will do it’s job of transferring the sound from the microphone to the sound board, but it’s extremely likely that many of the nuances will be lost in translation along the way; you’ll sacrifice the beautiful high frequency harmonics and the definition in the subsonic low frequencies; the sound isn’t nearly as three dimensional; you may introduce unwanted noise and frequency smearing, and the list goes on. However, while a high grade premium cable may cost in the upwards of $70, it will be much more capable of transferring as much of that beautiful sound as humanly audible. Audio Engineers consider this to be the “perfect pairing” when there are no weak links in the audio chain; when there is no degradation whatsoever in the audio signal, from sound source to the audio recording device. While Jake and I were coming up with a string blend that would be exclusive to the G2 store, this is the exact concept that I was trying to help achieve. I feel really confident that we’ve struck something special with this one.

Caribbean Sea Life

G2 Nation,

It’s been a minute, but we’re back 9/6/19 at 6pm est in the G2 Store. We will have some beautiful life’s for you.

For those of you that don’t know the Life is our collaboration with A Return Tops. It’s your classic organic shape with the magic you have come to expect from us and A/RT.

More intel here if you want to watch a video on it.

TiShee Preorder

G2 Nation,

It’s finally here. We have been talking about this for what seems like years. You kept asking for it, I kept saying no. You finally talked me into it, and I couldn’t be happier with the final results. Even if it did take 3 proto sessions to get right. We did it, it’s a great titanium yo-yo. Thank you for pushing me to make it. ❤️

So you want one? Simple place your preorder on Friday. There will be two half hour windows for you to do so. 8-8:30 am est and 8-8:30 pm est. There is no limit on the number of units sold, just the small preorder windows. So if you show up to order during that time, you will get one.

The preorder is your deposit. This way I know you want one and won’t back out when it’s tome to ship. It’s $75 and non refundable.

I plan to have these ready to ship in mid to late August. But if you’re coming to worlds I want to do my best to hand deliver it to you. Either you can come to the G2HQ cookout or meet up at the contest. ???? The rest of your payment will be due then.

You will have the option for raw, copper, or black. (Blasted is much riskier to do, so we will have a 5 minute window to order those on Monday) I’ll have options if you want multiples, $40 off if you get two. $75 off your total if you get 3. I’ll email after your order to see what colors you wanted.

Certificates will be made and shipped with your TiShee. Numbers will be assigned randomly.

Specs –
Diameter – 55.96
Width – 43.05
Weight – 65.75ish grams
Bearing – Boss Ripper
Pads – G19s
String – G2 x Ziplines Diamond Blend
Spins – Good
Sparks – Yes

Thanks for the love and support. It’s going to be an epic month of maildays when these start showing up.