AM and AP Tester Reapers

G2 Nation,

Have you seen these Reapers? Of course you have. Incredible. Not sure which I like better, luckily I don’t have to decided that.

When I was ordering these reapers I had said I wanted an aqua with pink splash. Anodizer said I have a magenta that I really like with aqua, do you want to try that? So, I split the order in half. Half pink, half magenta. Did 10 of each. Both colors had 8 pass QC. Right on pace with the 20% reject rate I usually have.

APT Reaper
AMT Reaper

Drop details –

Friday – 2/11/22 – 7pm eastern.

8 of each color way will be available.

Have a great weekend!


Blackout Valhalla

Good Morning,

These posts on the news page are usually the last thing on my to-do list for a release. Ive gotten some feedback this week that people really like the news updates because they can do a quick scan for the details and don’t need to watch a YouTube video, or hope they see the G2_drops post on instagram. So, lets see if I can get myself to make the news posts a priority.

Blackout Valhalla – Clean, classy, elegant, fierce. The black on black is always a fan favorite for out Bi Metal offerings. This is the last color from the original run with the 7068 body. The next run will be with a 6061 body.

Blackout Valhalla

Details –

Drop – Friday – 1/28/22 – 8pm eastern.

58mm by 43.95mm

10mm axle, G19 pads

Boss Ripper Bearing

20 passed QC

Here is a video we made for the blackout with the help of my boss.

Thanks for stopping by the site. Have a great weekend.


Hulk Banshee SS

G2 Nation,

We talked about it in the video today, the Banshee SS has been a fan favorite for years. But it’s time to start moving on. The hulk is one of the final SS drops. We will have one more AL6 that will be released later this summer if for some reason the hulk isn’t your color. I don’t know if that’s possible, look at this thing.

Hulk Banshee SS

20 passed QC and will be listed on the site at 8pm eastern (1/20/22). Patreon members will get a $17.77 refund if they message me over there after purchase. So don’t forget that.

Hope you’re having a good week!


Retirement plans –

Trick with the Hulk –

Unicorn Dreams Arbiter

G2 Nation,

If you tuned into the live stream on YouTube Thursday night you know what we are about to talk about.

Glitches. Glitches. Glitches. Testing did not go well for this colorway. It’s a slight vibe on these or ano flaws. How slight is the vibe? It’s really a hard question to answer. I don’t notice anything during play, but I do feel it when I run it on the fingernail. So for G2 that gives it the glitch designation. Still a great player and you will be happy getting on at a discount. There are only a handful of a grades now, if you want one, you’re going to have to be fast and lucky. They will be dropped on the store with the glitches. 7pm eastern tonight, 1/14/22.

Unicorn Dreams Arbiter

So the dreams name, its gotta have the rainbow rims. Some are more blue some more green. The picture above shows them off pretty well. Really happy with the vibrance on the rims for these.

Now the fade is kind of a washed fade. Some of you prefer it some don’t. I like both versions, I just wanted to point it out so you know what to expect. take a look at the bottom left of the photo. It does a good job showing off what I’m talking about.

Thats about all I have for you today. Good luck tonight and thanks for the support. The Arbiter is in its retirement cycle. This is one of the last 3-4 color we will have. If you haven’t landed one yet, the time is now.

Also at the end of this video you you can see more of the details on the different Arbiters.

Have a great weekend!


Solar Splatter Pelican and BAP Valhalla

G2 Nation,

Looks like were about have an epic end of the year. A double drop on the 31st.

First up, the Solar Splatter P19. These have been sitting at the anodizers for like 8 months at this point. I was worried about this color way because of the orange in the middle. I didn’t know if it would come out bright like the yellow and pink. Well it did, and it’s so so awesome.

3 ways to land one.

1 – 8pm eastern on Friday. Be fast, very fast.

2 – Lottery at Be lucky

3 – Silent auction – email offer to – Winner will pay the 2nd highest offer plus shipping. If you land one via the store or patreon, I will remove your bid.

Solar Splatter Pelican

Now we also have a BAP Valhalla drop at the same time. These will all be on the website at 8pm eastern. Amazing color way on the best playing yoyo from 2021. Bright pink with colorful rims. Make sure to watch the video, it shows the different colors better than any of the photos can. If you are a patreon member and snag a Valhalla, message me over there and ill refund you $10.

Hope you’re set for a fun, safe, and healthy New Years!


117 Valhalla & Night Fury Swirl Banshee

G2 Nation,

That last Valhalla drop is upon us for 2021. The 117 version. Green with gold SS rims. Friday 12/17/21 at 8pm eastern in the G2 Store. If you are a member at , message me over patreon after you order and I will send you a $10 refund when I ship it. Cool. Cool.

If you want to see a fun video on this –

If you have any questions feel free to ask the community. For those that have played the Valhalla, it is widely regarded as the best yoyo released this year. I can confirm that sentiment.

117 Valhalla

In other news tonight, if you’re interested in possibly the best G2 swirl ever…. There is a 1 of 1 B18 listed on eBay ending tonight. Yeah, it’s a major collectors piece at the price it is commanding. I hope it goes to a good home where it can be on display year round and gets some play time too!

Night Fury Banshee

Hope you’re all healthy and getting to enjoy the holiday season!


AL7 Life Nebula

What a wonderful day in early December. Not because of the weather but because we have a treat to drop today. The AL7 Nebula is finally here and ready to do. I have been waiting on these from the anodizer since mid July.

Ok – let’s talk about how you get a chance to land one. The Nebula is one of those colors that we will only run one time per release, regular life was done prior this will be the only set for the AL7 Life.

We had 20 ordered only 18 passed QC.

12 will be listed on the site at 7pm eastern today (12/3/21) I understand its going to be frustrating if you don’t get one. Nebula is one of the colors that is hard for the anodizer to do, and always has really high demand of people wanting to buy one. The best thing I can say is be fully prepped to check out prior to the drop with some strings or a bearing, then go back to the store and wait for the yoyo to drop.

We will also have 5 up lottery style for members at That one is simple you just comment that you would like to buy one, and I do a randomizer for the winners. If you land one from the store, I will remove your name from the lotto list.

The last one will be available via silent auction. This helps anyone thats going to pay aftermarket prices get one direct, and helps keep flippers from buying them at the store because they know that the person willing to pay aftermarket prices will already have access to one direct. The way that works is you email your highest offer to the highest offer wins, and pays the price of the second highest offer. If you land one from the store or lottery on patreon, I will remove your bid.

AL7 Life Nubula

Hopefully that answers all the questions, good luck tonight. I should be having more “fancy” ano in the store on the regular. I have agreed to a schedule with the anodizer that should be more regular.


Titanium Triton V2

G2 Nation,

Today is the day you can reserve your version 2 proto of the ti triton. There is a video with fill details I’ll try to plug in when I get on a desktop. But in short, this version is softer on the rim, and adds some direct rim weight.

it’s only going to be available for order for 4 hours. 5-9 eastern in the G2 store. It will be listed at its deposit price, and there will be another payment when it’s ready to ship. $60 for those that ordered the V1 and $90 for those that are hoping in the process now. If you get in new on the V2 make sure I get you added to the private Facebook group. Also you will be guaranteed access to the production run, which will not be an open pre order.

I am offering polished and raw for the V2. You make the choice when ordering on the site.

Titanium Triton V2 Proto

Happy to get this project moving again. These are expected to be done mid January or early February. Dependent upon when I can get Titanium to the machine shop.

Edit – I forgot to mention that anyone that buys V2 will also get a discount on the next release – V3 or production depending on what it’s is. It will be 20% off the retail price.

happy Friday,


Frieza Banshee SS

G2 Nation,

My childhood consisted of watching Dragon Ball Z in the basement after school. I hope you got to experience that as well. Anyway this Banshee SS is just so nice. So SO SO nice. Loooook at it!

I don’t have much to say on this one. You know the great play of the Banshee SS, do you dig the color combo as much as I do?

If you do, it will be on the site Thursday 11/4/21 at 8pm eastern.

My wife has surgery on Friday morning, I plan to have these out before then, but if not ill make sure they go out Saturday.

Frieza Banshee SS

Have a great weekend!


Fright Night Respawn

Happy Halloween!

This is the third year we have had an artist edition with a Halloween theme. First person to tag me on instagram with a picture of all 3 wins a dope prize.

Ryan Johnson did the art for these. He does amazing work every single time. This time is something special with the engraving on the black/red acid wash. Truly incredible.

Fright Night Respawn (side a)
Fright Night Respawn (Side b)

If you haven’t seen these yet, the Respawn Lite is our updated Respawn design. Dropping the weight down a few grams, you really notice it on stall and kick flip tricks. It has been a player favorite for anyone that remotely likes responsive play. Some players like it unresponsive, but I usually keep mine tug friendly.

These will be on the side Sunday 10/31/21 at 8pm eastern. Only a limited number available for this artist run.