Mini Covenant Update 8/6/22

G2 Nation,

Quick reminder that this project is going to be a pre order item for those that got a Mini Banshee, or Mini Banshee Wide. I have finalized the current design but want to get a proto back before doing this pre order. I was hoping to have the order emails out by now but it will be delayed as I want to play it first. It’s smaller and lighter than anything I’ve done. It’s also a D bearing which I have not done before. Those two things make me want to double check it first to make sure it plays as well as I expect.

Mini Covenant Concept

Current specs are –

46.5mm diameter

40mm width

53.5 grams

7068 Al.

That’s the current status. No you have not missed the email, the plans just changed to make sure this is as good as possible.


Mystic Sea Banshee SS

G2 Nation,

Double last of tonight. The last of the AL7 Banshee SS and the last of the purple rims.

The Banshee SS has been around a long time, it’s great. Like this color or need an AL7?

Tonight is the night. Thursday 7/28/22 8pm eastern in the G2 store.

Mystic Sea Banshee SS

Patreon peeps, check the lens for your discount.

Have a great evening folks. Looking forward to seeing your Monday maildays.


G2 Customs

G2 Nation,

All you might wanna know about the customs work were posted in todays video.

G2 Customs FAQ

Short and sweet text format?

There is a signup sheet for all members of patreon.

It has become a bonus item for members there, it wasn’t something that was originally set up as a perk.

I will message you when your its your turn. You pick from the raws available at the anodizers at that time. I will help you brainstorm the colors you want and how you want to display them. The sets are 2 yoyos of the same color way. Deposit is due at that time, and the rest would be due when they are ready for me to ship to you. After I assemble, test, and inspect.

EZPZ. Now you know.


Pacific Storm Reaper

G2 Nation,

It has been a while! We are back with a drop tonight though. Friday 7/15/22 7pm eastern in the G2 store. I don’t have a description for how amazing these Reapers are. You just have to see them for yourself.

Pacific Storm Reaper

The wash and blast on these is absolutely perfect. Most of you know personally or have heard about how good the Reaper is a yoyo, the color way is just icing on the cake.

There was 20 of these made, only 18 passed QC. Stop by the store at drop time and give it a go.

Have a great weekend,


Berry Storm Covenant

Good Morning G2 Nation,

Yes, the covenant is set to retire this year. As you know we always do one final run, and this berry storm is the AL6 version. We have one coming in as an AL7 version while the other raws are mostly being used by the custom orders on patreon.

Berry Strom is a color we developed recently and is just amazing to put it short.

Berry Storm Covenant

The covenant has been our powerful mono staple for the last few years. Unsurpassed stability and seemingly endless spin time. You can learn a bit more about it here –

I am not sure how, but it seems we find a way to save the best color way for last.

Friday 5/13/22 at 8pm eastern they will be available in the G2 store. This morning I will be running the early bird lotto over at patreon. A special perk for being a member there, they got the chance to snag one before the drop at a discounted price.

See you tonight for the drop, hope you have a great Friday!


Washed Lilac Valhalla

Good Morning,

Drop is today 4/29/22 at 6pm eastern in the G2 store.

This is the first appearance of the 6061 body and brass rim Valhalla. This combo has the highest rim weight percentage. You can feel the extra momentum at the end of the string.

Washed Lilac Valhalla

Im a big fan of this lighter purple with the brass rims. They mesh well because neither is too vibrant. Throw a diamond blend on and you’re good to go. Right around 15 of these for the drop tonight. 25% didn’t pass QC.

Have a great weekend,


Banshee 22 Proto

G2 Nation,

Banshee 22 Proto has arrived in the HQ this week. This is our latest addition to the Banshee family.

I talk more about it and the Banshee roots in this video along with the 22 proto –

The idea behind the 22 is to keep the performance advantages of the B18 but get back some of that floaty magic of the OG Banshee. We focused on doing this by increasing the width and decreasing the weight overall. While also adding a little beef to the rim.

Specs are likely to change slightly but this is where we are right now.

55.45mm by 44.55mm and 62.6 grams.

Banshee 22 Proto
OG Banshee, Banshee 18, Banshee 22

Hope you’re all having a good week. I will have news on the Friday drop tomorrow.

For patreon members that ordered a B22 Proto, I will be sending you a message in the next couple days. If you want access to cool stuff like that, you should go become a member here –


Interstellar Reaper and Carbine Drop


Happy Friday! This week has been crazy for me. Lcayy is back and I hope you enjoyed that.

The Interstellar Reaper. I had 25 sets anodized…. And only 13 passed QC. That puts 12 on the site and one held back for the draft. Not ideal at all. Luckily we have the Carbine drop at the same time to help fill the void. This is the first public Carbine drop. It’s in a solid color while others are at the anodizers but I don’t think I can praise this design enough. I am so confident you’re going to love it, that if you don’t you can send it back. Go watch the Carbine intro video from the prior news post if you haven’t. It gives the full story and more comments on the play of the carbine.

Drop is 4/22/22 at 8 eastern. Hope you get a chance to stop by, thank you for the support of G2. You keep showing up, I’ll keep making good stuff.

G2 Carbine
Interstellar Reaper

The Carbine

Hey Nation,

We have added a new yoyo to the lineup. The Carbine. It’s bigger but not too big. 57.7×44.4 and only 63.5 grams. I talked about it in this video –

Patreon members have seen this yoyo blossom from a pretty average prototype to the incredible playing production version. It was something this always had potential, just took a few trys to get it all working together. Sometimes with larger yoyos it can be hard to make it comfortable in the hand and to get it to unwind quick enough. The Carbine excels at both of these aspects, making it play smaller than it is. It just has a nice stable float to it. It’s hard to describe, it just clicks when you play it.

First public release is going to be on Friday 4/22/22 at 8pm eastern in the G2 store. Really happy to get this one out into your hands. Alabaster is the first color to drop. I don’t have many of these ready yet, but wanted to get a clean classy solid out there for you. Both A grades and glitches will be available.

Alabaster G2 Carbine

Jake is moving on

G2 Nation,

It’s a bittersweet morning while I type this up. G2 has been my passion for the last 10 years. Over the last 1.5 years, I have tried to make it work as my full time job. It’s a stressful thing to do, but being your own boss is really nice. I have gotten to enjoy my kids more than most do at their young age. Those kids are the reason I am moving on from G2 though. I have gotten a great job offer, and it is best to take it right now for my family. Let’s call it an extended break, not the end. Patreon members – I will let you know what the shipments going forward are. This will be the only new G2s going out for the next few months, until that inventory is gone.

Full video here –

Thanks for a great run at this.