Aquamarine Arbiter X

G2 Nation,

Today we have the first ever patreon exclusive drop. The Arbiter X is only available to members over there and the Aquamarine was the first drop. Not a monthly shipment.

It’s set up lotto style where you can sign up to have the chance to buy it for 8 hours. 12 noon to 8pm eastern. Pricing was discounted across the board based on your membership level. The backbone level is $10 and if you get the Arbiter x you saved over your $10 back right away. win win right there.

Just wanted to document the news. Go sign up here –

We have more exclusive items coming to the members there soon.

OH – great video here. enjoy.

Mystery Mono Drop

Gooooood Morning Nation,

Another G2sday is upon us and I wanted to keep the streak alive of being consistent with drops on Tuesday. Today is a little mystery drop. Think of it as an early Black Friday release. Two options. Two colors. Two drop times. You will have a chance to grab a discounted mono at 1pm eastern at 8pm eastern. If you end up getting two I will make sure you don’t get duplicates.

Hint on the colors – I think they are fall feeling.

Mystery Mono Drop – G2 Mongoose and G2 Carbine

Retirement Banshee SS

G2 Nation,

The day is here. The final release of the Banshee SS. Seems like I should have made a million of these. I didn’t. I made 25. 19 passed QC, 8 were sold via lotto style to patreon members, 1 was held back for the next draft, and the remaining 10 will be in the store today at 8pm eastern. GLHF please don’t attack me if they sell out instantly. I was going to do a random drop, but was talked out of it by members of the discord. They had valid points. Attack them not me. JK. I’ll take the blame, I had no idea how many I should have made for a final drop. I should have done more or taken a pre order.

I made these short video to go over the Banshee SS. Enjoy it.

What’s next? I am not sure, let the SS have its time.


Berry Storm Valhalla

G2 Nation,

This marks our first attempt to get back to a G2sday drop schedule. Today we did a split drop. First wave was at noon eastern, the rest will release at 8pm eastern.

Just highlighting the color here. Berry Storm has become a huge fan favorite around these parts. The colors didn’t wash together quite as much on these, it almost looks a little more layered and vibrant.

Berry Strom Valhalla

Total numbers here for those counting at home. We ended up with 22 passing QC. 1 for the draft, 1 for Damian, 20 for the store.

Discount is listed on the patreon page for members there.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!


Blackout Carbine

G2 Nation,

Just a small bit of record keeping here.

Blackout Carbine – Friday 9/16/22 7pm eastern in the G2 Store. 17 Passed QC.

Solid Black. Solid Class.

Blackout Carbine

Introducing The G2 Luna

G2 Nation,

I bet you watched this video already, but if you didn’t it has more of the origin stories.


It’s like a Casefile 003 x Triton/Life. Perfect organic feel but with some power on the rims you don’t get in the monos.

Specs –

Diameter 54.95mm

Width 43mm

Weight 64.2g

Diamond blasted with G19 pads and a boss ripper bearing.

Public Release is set for Friday 8/26/22 at 7pm eastern. The initial release will feature the incredible Pacific Storm color. Snag one if you get the chance, you will love it.

Pacific Storm Luna

Have a great weekend. Don’t do too many DNA binds.


Mini Covenant Update 8/6/22

G2 Nation,

Quick reminder that this project is going to be a pre order item for those that got a Mini Banshee, or Mini Banshee Wide. I have finalized the current design but want to get a proto back before doing this pre order. I was hoping to have the order emails out by now but it will be delayed as I want to play it first. It’s smaller and lighter than anything I’ve done. It’s also a D bearing which I have not done before. Those two things make me want to double check it first to make sure it plays as well as I expect.

Mini Covenant Concept

Current specs are –

46.5mm diameter

40mm width

53.5 grams

7068 Al.

That’s the current status. No you have not missed the email, the plans just changed to make sure this is as good as possible.


Mystic Sea Banshee SS

G2 Nation,

Double last of tonight. The last of the AL7 Banshee SS and the last of the purple rims.

The Banshee SS has been around a long time, it’s great. Like this color or need an AL7?

Tonight is the night. Thursday 7/28/22 8pm eastern in the G2 store.

Mystic Sea Banshee SS

Patreon peeps, check the lens for your discount.

Have a great evening folks. Looking forward to seeing your Monday maildays.


G2 Customs

G2 Nation,

All you might wanna know about the customs work were posted in todays video.

G2 Customs FAQ

Short and sweet text format?

There is a signup sheet for all members of patreon.

It has become a bonus item for members there, it wasn’t something that was originally set up as a perk.

I will message you when your its your turn. You pick from the raws available at the anodizers at that time. I will help you brainstorm the colors you want and how you want to display them. The sets are 2 yoyos of the same color way. Deposit is due at that time, and the rest would be due when they are ready for me to ship to you. After I assemble, test, and inspect.

EZPZ. Now you know.


Pacific Storm Reaper

G2 Nation,

It has been a while! We are back with a drop tonight though. Friday 7/15/22 7pm eastern in the G2 store. I don’t have a description for how amazing these Reapers are. You just have to see them for yourself.

Pacific Storm Reaper

The wash and blast on these is absolutely perfect. Most of you know personally or have heard about how good the Reaper is a yoyo, the color way is just icing on the cake.

There was 20 of these made, only 18 passed QC. Stop by the store at drop time and give it a go.

Have a great weekend,