1/30 Proto Drop

G2 Nation,

Cleaning up my office the other day an decided it was time to let these old protos run free. We have a pretty decent variety that will be going up at 8pm est on Wednesday.

First up we have the oldest, the original Ghost proto. More of a collectors piece as it doesn’t play very well. It needed more rim weight, and a lot of it.

We also have the V2 going up, which played the best. I think it played a bit better than the full run because it was small batch and more attention was placed on it, or I am just imagining it…

These were super dusty. From years ago, when we started a project with YYWS that never worked out. The Kraken V1. Plays pretty well, maybe a bit on the heavier side. Marvel inspired.

This bimetal has been in my current rotation for the past month. The thing slays, I just want to fine tune it a bit on the rim and add some width that our competition players have been asking for.

Last but not least we have the Life V1. A collaboration between A/rt and G2 that we will have more details on in the future. Super limited. This won’t be dropping exactly at 8pm because I don’t want the cart to oversell. Only very slight changes were made to the production model. This thing just makes you happy to be alive.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Thanks for reading,


Ooops! Completely forgot about this one.. Not a wolf but looks like a wolf. It’s bigger, badder, and a whole lot of fun.

Prestige Swirl Hawk 1/24/18

G2 Nation,

The final Hawk drop has been announced, and its a great colorway to end on. Classic navy blue with a clear swirl. Fantastic swirl at that, nice clean lines!

Thanks for making the Hawks release over its lifetime so successful!

Drops set for Thursday at 7pm est. A grades and Glitches if we have any. (Yes, I’m still assembling them)


12/26/18 Releases

Good Morning!

First I hope all of you that celebrated had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great day filled with family and fun at the G2HQ. Jonah was old enough to enjoy it this year, and it was so much fun. That kid brings so so so many smiles to my face. Ok back to the yoyos.

Big drop schedule for today.
8am Freedom Banshee 2018’s

11am Greyscale Swirl Tester Marvels

1pm Mutated Stros Swirl

3pm Mystic Mist Banshee 2018

5pm Deep Purple Aftershock

One of of the other items I wanted to address is the B18 glitches in todays drop. These are almost all smooth but have little marks under the ano. It was really hard to capture them in pictures but the way I found them was using my fingernail testing them while they were spinning. The anodizer stacked the yoyo halves when they were raw before or after the blasting and the way some of them hit together it left the indent – therefor causing the glitch. So thats what they were discounted for, shouldn’t be an issue going forward but I have weirder things happen.

Thank you all for the incredible support in 2018, this should be the last release of the year and it has been a truly amazing one.


AL7 Hawk Restock

Goood Morning!

Tonight we have our first Hawk restock in a long long time. These will be part of the retirement run that had a total of 6 colors. Half AL7 and half 6061 versions.

8pm est you can get your paws on a couple of the AL7 versions. Numbers became more limited then expected in the Warpath Combats, so we decided to drop the deep purples as well. Both colors are super hard to get in pictures. The Combat because of the ano patters and contrast. The deep purple is so vibrant the camera has a really hard time with that saturation level.

Thank you for the love!


Black Friday Preorder

G2 Nation,

For today only you can preorder yourself a Al7 Bomber and Swirl Web B18.

The bomber will be our first AL7 version on the Banshee 2018, and the Swirl Web might just be the most epic engraving we have ever seen on a yoyo. Today only you can preorder yours in the G2 Store. $25 now and $75 in a couple months when they are ready to ship out. Yes, they will both be diamond blasted.

Thank you,


Thank You

G2 Nation,

First of all I was to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating today. Even if you aren’t, I still hope you and your family having a great day, and take a minute to be thankful for each other.

You all have given me so much to be thankful for this year.

– Thank you for your daily passion you show for G2. It’s incredible to see and gives me energy on those long days we all come across. Thank you.

– Thank you for your incredible commitment. So many of you have missed out on drops, been frustrated and wanted to give up on us. Most you of stuck around and tried a future drop, where you were able to snag what you wanted. Thank you.

– Thank you for sharing your ideas and participating in all the things we do. This wouldn’t be fun if you guys weren’t along for the ride and contributing. Even something as small as a “like” goes a long way. Thank you.

– Thank you for being open minded and accepting change. Over the past two years we have made a lot of changes to the way G2 operates. Thank you for allowing us to adjust and evolve without giving us too much grief. Thank you.

– Thank you for your patience when things do go as planned. When its my fault or one of my vendors, you are so understanding. Thank you.

_ Thank you for being friendly. You making the G2 Nation FB group such great place. Thank you for encouraging and helping all of our fellow throwers.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. If you’re trying to order something from the store today enjoy 20% off your order by using the code G2thanks

Much love,


AL7 Retiement Release

G2 Nation,

Today’s the today. The final day we get to celebrate the performance that is the AL7 Elite. 7075 with both SS and Brass weight rings will be available in the store at 8pm est.

Feels a bit bitter sweet to retire the AL7 Elite 2018. The yoyo still has the performance top level competition players still need today, still has the elegance as a display piece in your collection.

It’s just time though, as a small maker of premium yoyos we can only focus on so many designs. So with that in mind we say goodbye to the AL7 version this week, and the regular version in the weeks to come. Hopefully our future products can shine the way these do.

A grades are pretty limited so if you want to secure one for your collection I suggest being on the site when they drop. Glitches will be available as well at a discounted price for a minor vibe. Preformace is still incredible on them.

Thank you!


P19 has arrived

G2 Nation,

The time has come. Friday at 6pm edt we will be releasing the first P19s into the wild. The new an improved Pelican turned out incredible. Ever so slightly lighter, rounded edges for extra comfort. Diamond blast, what else do I need to say? Full video tomorrow but just wanted to make sure you were ready for the drop.

Oh, a few diamond blasted Banshee will be going live too.


9/13 drop

G2 Nation,

Yeah, it has been a little while. I am still having a hard time making myself post the releases here. One step at a time. So today, we have a big drop. Beater Banshee!! Yeah, the ones Jonah pre dinged for you, leaving you no excuse no to use them as your everyday carry!

Also we have some J grade wolves, these didn’t hit cement, but they are glitches that Jonah pulled off the office shelf. 2 foot drop maybe, still play great.

Last but not least we have the Red Vs Blue Elite. A happy little accident, these were supposed to be unicorn fades but the pink came out red. No biggie, I am a huge fan of these. The red and blue look incredible with the iridescent rims.

Hope you have an incredible rest of the week!


Oh yeah, drop time 7pm edt.

Labor Day Drop

Good Morning,

Just a quick like update on this weeks drop. We have all kinds of blue coming at you today. Check out the store at 1pm edt if you’re interested. Oh and make sure you use your discount code we posted on @gsquaredyoyos instagram.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, lets see those tricks!