G2 Nation,

As you know by now the GBP is something special. A 48 gram full size bimetal yoyo. This is the yoyo I am the most confident in, that you are going to always have in your case. It’s just so unique, fun, and playable that you’re always going to want to have one around.

This is why I decided to do the pre order on these instead of a normal release. I wanted everyone to get a change to get one. Your chance is Friday for 12 hours only. 9am to 9pm eastern. 1/8/20. Remind your friends so that I don’t get emails Saturday about how they missed it or forgot. You have half a day to make sure you secure yours.

The purple and iridescent rims colorways will be limited to 40 units each, watch the video at the bottom if you want to know why. The rest will be unlimited for those 12 hours, again please don’t miss this window.

GBP profile and specs –

The diameter is 55mm, width is 43.51, weight is a magical 48.5ish grams.

The 6061 Aluminum body is equipped Stainless Steel rims. It will have a Boss Rage bearing, G19 pads, and a 8mm axle.

GBP Profile

Since this is a pre order, you will only be paying a deposit Friday. The deposit ranges from $15 to $40. This deposit is reserving your yoyo and is non refundable. You will get an invoice for your remaining balance ($75 per GBP) plus shipping when the yoyos are ready. We are expecting to have them in hand in early April and I will need a couple weeks to assemble, test, and package. The invoice for these will be sent to the email you ordered with, and this will be when your shipping info is gathered as well.


For everyone that wants multiples, I am going to encourage this smart behavior by offering some discounts. Use these codes at check out. $10 off for buying 2 “GBP2”, for $25 off 3 “GBP3”, for $55 off 4 “GBP4”, and lastly for if you buy 5 you will get one free. But for the coupon code to work you will need to buy 6 and enter “GBP5” to get $90 off. This is the price of the mystery GBP, so if you order 6 GBP without a mystery color way email me and i’ll bump that refund up to your lowest cost GBP.

Now speaking about the mystery GBP, this is not a different color way. This will be one of the published colors, but I will be ordering more yoyos than are pre ordered to account for bad parts. They mystery GBP will be one of the extra A grades I have left over. If you order multiple mystery, I will do my best to make sure you get different colors. This will be easy unless you order like 6 or more mystery colors.

Any questions please let me know. Most of my socials are open and you can email me at

These are the colors that will be available. These are mock ups I made and may be slightly different in person. The rainbow rims are likely to be different, like you have seen on our other products, it was impossible to photoshop for me.

GBP Black SS Ring
GBP Gold and Iridescent SS Rims
GBP Silver SS Rims
GBP Purple SS Rims

And here are a couple links – This first describes the process and options. The second is a first impressions video from some professional yoyoers to help you understand if it’s a yoyo you will like. You will.

Thank you for supporting G2, I am really excited for you to get your hands on this magical yoyo.


GBP Details
GBP First Impressions

Black Forest Arbiter

G2 Nation,

This post is a bit late but I still wanted to post it. We have the Black Forest Arbiters dropping at 6pm eastern today. They look incredible as seen in the pictures below.

Black Forest Arbiter
Black Forest Arbiter

Testing didn’t go as well, 40% ended up being glitches so we only have 9 available for the drop. They are at a discounted price for Boxing Day, you spend the last few weeks buying for others, today is about you. Get yourself something nice lol.

The name – Black Forest. The yoyo itself reminds me of a dark evergreen forest. While doing some research – Black Forest was used as the setting for many haunted forests in fairy tales. That really captured the emotion I get from this coloyway, perfectly!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Reverse Rainbow Road Covenant

G2 Nation,

Just wanted to do a quick post on how the drop was going to work today. We will have 12 units for the website at 7 pm eastern. We will have 4 units for a raffle style drawing in the Facebook Group – The Official G2 Nation. I will make a post if you want to enter after the sale on the website, so you know first if you landed on there. We will be 1 unit for the silent auction and 1 unit saved for the draft.

For the silent auction please email your top bid to – highest bid will pay whatever the second highest bid is plus shipping. Example – if you bid $300 and the second highest is $215 you will pay $215 plus shipping.

Have a great weekend!


PS if you didn’t get a chance to watch this video – check it out.

24 Hour Mystery Box Sale

Goooood Morning G2 Nation,

As you know we won’t be around Black Friday so we are dropping deals early. For the next 24 hours we will have two mystery boxes the site. Box 1 – where you can get a Covenant, Reaper, or AL7 Reaper. Box 2- where you can get a Banshee SS, Brass SS, Arbiter, AL7 Arbiter, or a GBP.

Sale is only good until Tuesday morning at 8 am eastern.

Have a great day!


Lucid Dreams Arbiter / Nightfall Pelican

G2 Nation,

Double drop on Friday 11/20/20 – We have the Lucid Dreams Arbiter and the Nightfall Fade Pelican.

First the Lucid Dreams – This color way was inspired by out BAP SS and I wanted to have blue version to compete with it. Something else that pop off the page with brightness, but also doesn’t contrast the rings too much. We are in love.

Lucid Dreams Arbiter

And next we have the Nightfall Pelican. It’s a deep purple and royal blue fade, really shows an amazing purple when spinning. Shutter speed was a bit fast on this spinning photo, but I liked it a lot still. Its more of the right purple color to the eye.

Nightfall Pelican

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.


Friday the 13th…

G2 Nation,

Just a quick post about the drops today. The Stealth SS are limited to 8 on the site. QC was rough on this one for whatever reason, only passing 65%. So if you want one, it would be in your best interest to get on it fast.

Stealth SS

As for the mystery fade Reaper. It’s looking like I will not be available for our normal Black Friday sales so I am going start it now. $36 dollars off of this because you don’t get to see the color beforehand. Don’t worry you’re going to like it. It’s a subtle fade, not drastic like the citrus or unicorn fades. Thats all I can really say about it now, but one of the best if not the best mono metals you can buy, and on sale for $79. Best cop it.

Oh if you want even better deals, check coupon codes are live there for the drop. Sign up, save some money, thank me later.

Have a great weekend! We will be live on twitch working on the orders Saturday morning. Stop in say hi, I can send extra stickers if you ask.

Unearthed SS

G2 Nation,

Just wanted to take a second to talk about this beautiful creation. Most of you know we usually stick with bright colors. We went earthy for this experiment, and it paid off big time. We love it. I mean i can’t really express how much i love this colorways except the fact it has found a spot in my keeper display case.

This should be a colorways we bring back on some other yoyos down the road. Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day. These dropped 10.27.20 at 8pm easter in the G2 store.

Brass Ring Arbiter

G2 Nation,

Hope you are all doing well. It has been a minute since we posted. I will fix that soon. No reason I shouldn’t be posting updates here weekly.

Ok – So this Brass Ring Arbiter is awesome. We added a gram overall to the rim weight. The switch just from SS to Brass would have made a 2 gram change so we might some slight updates to keep that at 1. Total weight just under 65g on this version.

Brass Ring Arbiter

A few other house keeping items on this throw. The brass can tarnish over time. You can let it age to give it a rustic look, or you can polish it back up, your call entirely. The second item is the tuning of the yoyo. This usually isn’t a thing, but with the extra rim weight it can cause some vibe issues. When you take it apart you might notice a slight vibe, tighten in a bit more or less and that should take care of the issue.

Thanks for reading!

Warthog Retirement

G2 Nation,

Big day today. A happy one in my book. The Warthog has been a great yoyo in our lineup, a large agile fun yoyo. It is time to move on and allow for new ideas to be tested. The final two colors will be live on the site at 6pm eastern. The Kaleidoscope in 6061 and the Mystic Mist in 7075. Both limited to under 10 pieces total.

AL7 Mystic Mist Warthog
Kaleidoscope Warthog

Both look absolutely incredible! Hope you get the chance to snag one. If we have site issues because of the strain on the server just do your best to refresh and try to get through.

Thanks for the support and letting me really put the effort into this.


Citrus Fade Reaper

G2 Nation,

We went all out on this one. I mean look at this photoset lol.

Citrus Fade Reaper

Anyway we have been experimenting with new fades to see what else we like. Sometimes you get a dude, sometimes you get something epic like this and kick yourself for not trying it years ago.

Release is on 9/11/20 at 8pm in the G2 store. Yes, before you ask they are diamond blasted and do taste like sprite. Only one of those comments is true, I’ll let you figure it out.

Have a great weekend,