Santa Jake 2023

G2 Nation,

It’s that time of year! I am going to keep this short and sweet. You are likely sending this to a loved one that wants to buy you something nice related to yo-yo. Let’s be real here – we are picky when it comes to our yoyo stuff. It is going to be hard to ask them for something you really want that’s currently available. And asking them to land a G2 drop is a chore they are not likely up for.

This is where Santa Jake comes in. I have a couple yo-yos tucked away that have not been on the site yet. These will be available to your loved ones via email. This offer is open until the 8th. One of the items is only available until the 5th, because of the time needed complete it. It’s a pretty tight time table for Christmas.

If you’re interested in this have them email me at with Santa 2023 for the subject. I can help them some if they let me know who they are buying for and if they can send a partial collection photo. Any clues you want them to pass along is helpful too.

Please don’t try to buy yourself something. Trying to keep the Christmas magic alive for some of us adults.

I made this video about the event last year – ignore the dates but it helps you get the idea.


The Soy

G2 Nation,

Peer pressure is heck of a drug. The group of cotton-headed ninny muggins in the G2 Nation discord talked me into designing it. This yo-yo is not good. It’s overly center weighted, and the walls are ten foot high. If you get your hands off plane, welp, goodnight. I hate to admit it, it is addictively fun.

Specs come in at 55.8 x 42.6mm 63.5g. G20 pads, 10mm axle. This was a preorder via the discord. No plans for a retail release.

This was fun.

The Loadout

G2 Nation! Ron here. IYKYK.

Jake is out of town today being a good dad. SO! I am taking advantage of it.

We have had the Loadout designed and waiting for my third anniversary here at G2 to drop it. That’s a ways away still, so I jumped the gun and decided to drop it today for Cyber Monday. Ask for forgiveness not permission ha. I talk more about it in the video below but this was mostly my take on modernizing a few of the classic yo-yos I lived from the early to mid 2010s. (Finally got Jake to push the width a bit)

This is going to be set up just like the Wraith preorder from Friday. There are no plans for normal retail release of the Loadout. Limit of 2 per customer so that more of our fans can get an order in.

*Loadout Specs – 55.7mm x 46.6mm and 64ish grams. G20 pads. Boss Ripper bearing. 6061 diamond blasted. 10mm axle.

Preorder details – The Loadout will only be available from 8am to 8pm eastern in the g2 store on 11.27.23. Your purchase price listed on Monday is your preorder deposit. The total price of the Loadout is the deposit plus $20 and shipping. These will be ready to ship at the end of Feb or early March. When they are ready to ship you will get an emailed invoice for the remaining balance ($20 + Shipping) The address used to pay this invoice will be the shipping address used. Deposits are non refundable, it’s your reservation for the Loadout. It can be transferred to another buyer.

The Loadout will be limited to 4/5 colors and a mystery option. The mystery colorway could end up being one of the colors listed or a different color overall. If you order multiple loadouts I will make sure you don’t get duplicate via the mystery.

*The specs are subject to change. I have a prototype on the way to me, I will be able to make minor adjustments before the production run if I find a way to improve the yoyo after testing. If changes are major, I will email all buyers the changes to confirm they want to continue with their order. 

Here is the video I made with more info on the design process.

Happy Cyber Monday, thanks for supporting my yoyo and helping me keep my gig at G2. Jake if you’re reading this, hope your having a good weekend with the fam.


G2 Wraith Preorder 11.24.23

G2 Nation!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my USA homies. Hope you all get to enjoy the day. We are trying to practice that this year in the G2HQ. Many times I have been to focused on trying to work and missing out on the family time. (Yes, I am posting this on Thanksgiving morning…)

Let’s talk business. The Wraith. This is my attempt at a straight to the point performance monster. The Draupnir has held that crown for a long time. It’s time for a new king.

*Specs – 57.2 x 45.2mm and 64.5 grams. The majority (67%) of the weight is in the SS rims. These are set to be equipped with G19 pads, boss ripper, and a 10mm axle.

Preorder details – The preorder will be live for 12 hours. 8am eastern to 8pm eastern in the G2 store. There will be 4/5 color options listed. (Still working on them, holy stress) You will be given the option of blasted or regular SS rims on each color. If I land on 4 colors each will be limited to 35 orders. If I land on 5 colors that number will be dropped down to 30 per color. There is a 2 per person limit! Not 2 per colorway, 2 Wraith per person! This is not an unlimited preorder and the limit will allow for more players to get to experience the Wraith. (With it being a Black Friday preorder you will see that prices are less than our standard bimetal releases.) Mystery colorway – this color could end up being one of the colors listed or a different color overall.

Purchase – the purchase amount Friday is the deposit. Total price of each yoyo is the deposit + $40. Once the orders are ready to ship (February) I will email you an invoice for the remaining balance of $40 plus shipping. The address used at this time will be the shipping address. Deposits are non refundable, it’s your reservation for the Wraith. It can be transferred to another buyer.

*The specs are subject to change. I have a prototype on the way to me, I will be able to make minor adjustments before the production run if I find a way to improve the yoyo after testing. If changes are major, I will email all buyers the changes to confirm they want to continue with their order.

I am going to leave you with this video I made if you want some more Wraith details. Have a great day!

2023 Holiday Sale

G2 Nation,

Yes, Black Friday is here. I know it’s not Friday. I know everyone starts their sales early to try and be the first one. Im not trying to ship anything after Wednesday so my sale is going live today around noon eastern. It’s a bit different too, I don’t have yoyos sitting in the store that I can just mark down. It doesn’t make sense to drop a new release at a discounted price, so these are going to be semi mystery style. That means you will get to know a portion of the details but not all of them. And a nice discount.

I will have 4 yoyos available.

First is the Ti Triton. There is only 3 of these and you don’t get to know the color before hand.

Second is a Berry Storm mono metal. This storm is a bit more toward the dark purple side, similar to the B22 berry storm.

Third is a bi metal. BAP with rainbow rims.

Fourth is a bi metal. Candy Strom (Blue/Pink/Clear) This bi metal is not the same model as the BAP.

Hopefully you enjoy the sale! A few other merch items will be on sale from now until the yoyos are sold out.

Quick reminder – make sure you are signed up for the newsletter. I won’t spam you, just important emails. Sign up in on the home page of the site.


Halloween 2023

Happy Halloween G2 nation!

Two drops tonight for you. First the Halloween 2023 artist edition Respawn X. Ryan knocked the art out of the park on these. The new respawn x is the lightest respawn to date at 51 grams. Chefs Kiss.

Halloween 2023 Respawn X

Second drop is the Rainbow Galaxy AfterLife. These came out different than most of the RBG. The red not wash in, but just did a lava run on top. These all play great, but I will be selling them at discount based on the ano not matching prior RBG.

Rainbow Galaxy AfterLife

This all goes down on the G2 website at 8pm eastern.


Triple Drop

G2 Nation,

If you’re on patreon you know why ive been absent the last month or so. If not it doesn’t matter you’re in for a treat tonight.
Tonight Friday 9.29.23 at 10 pm eastern, I have two new public releases. The Tsunami and the Elite 23.

The Tsunami – This is the big brother to the aftershock and quake. Great shape. Great stability and momentum. Best over 60mm yoyo ive played. Machined in the USA. QC was an issue the the quantity is limited. 62.35mm x 46.69mm (nice) 68.2 grams.

Pacific Rage Tsunami

The Elite 23 – The Elite series has always showcased what you can do with SS rims vs a monometal yoyo. It has crazy RPMs and super speed. The SS rims allow this yoyo to perform and be under 60 grams. My favorite Elite. But I mean if im updating it, it should be. 55.9mm x 43mm and 59.65 grams of magical agility. The weapon X feature a yellow base and blue SS rims. The yoyo is nice but the white box makes is too bright on my PC. Phone users should look better.

Weapon X Elite 23

Lastly we have the AL7 Banshee 22. This was redesigned for the 7068. I thinned out the mid wall and increased the rim size. This yoyo is has a more power and momentum that the 6061 OG version. The nebula colorway speaks for itself. The ano is out of this world. It’s a treat to have this artist working on G2.

Nebula AL7 Banshee 22

Thank you all for your patience recently, hope you enjoy the drop and the new yoyos. Some of the best stuff we have dropped all year. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter on the homepage if you have not.


Sunrise Swirl Banshee 22

G2 Nation –

7 of these beautiful Sunrise Swirl B22 passed QC. They are being released lottery style via our newsletter. Everyone signed up to our newsletter will be getting an email to enter. You will need to reply by noon eastern Friday to enter. Winners will be drawn later that day.

Golden Goose Valhalla

G2 Nation,
Today is my oldest sons 6th birthday. I let him choose a new throw for his collection. He picked one of these Valhalla. They are AL7 (7068) body with Gold SS rims. We don’t do this combo very often, but its a stunner everytime.

I am going to be releasing the rest of the batch tonight 8.2.23 at 8pm eastern in the G2 store. They will be at a discounted birthday price to let you celebrate with us. Hope to see you stop by the store, 19 passed QC.


Nats Release – AfterLife – Clear and Plum

G2 Nation,
I couldn’t make it to nationals this year, and I bet most of you couldn’t either. So I decided to have a drop for those at home. Works out pretty well too because its the first AfterLife drop. Two colors – Clear and Plum! Release is at 1pm eastern in the G2 store. (Sunday 7.2.23)

Plum AfterLife

This yoyo was made to do one thing – Float.
Specs –
Diameter 59mm
Width 44.55
Weight – 62.5 grams
Pads – G20
Axle – 10mm
Finish – Diamond Blasted

If you haven’t yet make sure you sign up for the newsletter on the main landing page. There was an email sent out prior about the drop and you never miss it.