AL7 Arbiter X (SS)

The AL7 Arbiter X SS version has landed in the G2HQ. Fresh design, fresh colorway.

AL7 Arbiter X (SS) in the Fire Blast Colorway.

This is a redesign of the Arbiter X. The material of the body was updated to 7068 aluminum. The center and walls were thinned out as much as I could without running into durability issues. This took a good of weight out of the yoyo, I then added about 80% of that weight back into the rims. This yoyo is lighter than the original x. Increased rim sizes along with the lower weight allows this yoyo to fly AND remain stable. I believe this is the fastest yoyo in the G2 lineup now.

Meet the new Arbiter

Diameter – 57.15mm
Width – 44.95mm
Weight – 60.75g
Pads – G19
Bearing – G2 Ripper
Finish – Diamond Blasted
Body – 7068 AL
Rims – Stainless Steel

If you have been following G2 for a while, you understand that I make yoyos that I like play. This almost always steers me in the right direction. This is my personal favorite version of the Arbiter. I am so confident you will love it too, that it comes with the G2 Jake guarantee. If you don’t like it send it back.

All about the Arbiter

The Fire Blast is the first colorway for the AL7 Arbiter X (SS). It was a take on the Snozberries colorways that ended up match the old Dragon Slayer. 23 of these passed QC. I would be shocked if they don’t sell out quickly. Drop time is set for Friday 5.24.24 at 8pm eastern in the G2 store. Discount will be posted on the patreon page for members. Hope to see you there. (


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