Life Restock 12/15/19

G2 Nation,

Just wanted to stop in and let you know we have a Life restock happening today. We have the Plasma and Purple Haze colors.

Purple Haze

This is part of the second run Life’s, which feature a tighter bearing post for smoother yoyos and the legendary Diamond Blast. If you haven’t tried a yoyo with Diamond Blast yet, just do yourself a favor a try just one. It’s the best.

G2 Diamond Blend

When you buy a premium yoyo from a boutique company it only seems fitting to complement it with a string created with the same level of expertise and passion. The G2 Diamond Blend was created to enhance your boutique throwing experience by extending that premium feel and quality from the yoyo to your throw finger, leaving no weak link in the chain and no hindrance upon your creativity.

The Diamond Blend is composed of a proprietary formulation of soft nylon and ZipLine polyester core thread, specifically tailored for G Squared Yoyos. It excels at air cutting whips, reliable binds, and extended performance. The sensation over the fingers is a combination of that slick/soft feel you get from nylon, and the firm rigidness found in performance type polyester strings – pulling from the best of both worlds. These can easily outlast standard polyester strings by several times, have in extremely slow fraying period, and feel nicer and nicer as they break in.

With G2 Diamond Blend, we use only the finest ingredients that are currently available in combination with a great deal of consideration and preference direction from Jacob Gross. We’ve gone through dozens of test trails and have experimented with different approaches, techniques, and as many variations of each that we could possibly come up with. Along the way we’ve even torn everything down that we’d worked for and started from scratch with newly found materials, all while using a variety of the best G2 yoyos out there for testing. Not only are you getting premium level materials and methodology in string making, you’re also getting something that’s perfectly suited for G Squared products. In our book this is a total win, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created together. 

From Jeremy: I liken the Diamond Blend unto a high grade audio cable being paired with a premium microphone. When I was working in the audio industry, it was always a topic of conversation amongst engineers that it was an insult to a boutique microphone to be paired with a dinky low grade microphone cable. It’s a rookie move that is often corrected after lots of trial and error and years of experience. Sure the cheap microphone cable will do it’s job of transferring the sound from the microphone to the sound board, but it’s extremely likely that many of the nuances will be lost in translation along the way; you’ll sacrifice the beautiful high frequency harmonics and the definition in the subsonic low frequencies; the sound isn’t nearly as three dimensional; you may introduce unwanted noise and frequency smearing, and the list goes on. However, while a high grade premium cable may cost in the upwards of $70, it will be much more capable of transferring as much of that beautiful sound as humanly audible. Audio Engineers consider this to be the “perfect pairing” when there are no weak links in the audio chain; when there is no degradation whatsoever in the audio signal, from sound source to the audio recording device. While Jake and I were coming up with a string blend that would be exclusive to the G2 store, this is the exact concept that I was trying to help achieve. I feel really confident that we’ve struck something special with this one.

Caribbean Sea Life

G2 Nation,

It’s been a minute, but we’re back 9/6/19 at 6pm est in the G2 Store. We will have some beautiful life’s for you.

For those of you that don’t know the Life is our collaboration with A Return Tops. It’s your classic organic shape with the magic you have come to expect from us and A/RT.

More intel here if you want to watch a video on it.

TiShee Preorder

G2 Nation,

It’s finally here. We have been talking about this for what seems like years. You kept asking for it, I kept saying no. You finally talked me into it, and I couldn’t be happier with the final results. Even if it did take 3 proto sessions to get right. We did it, it’s a great titanium yo-yo. Thank you for pushing me to make it. ❤️

So you want one? Simple place your preorder on Friday. There will be two half hour windows for you to do so. 8-8:30 am est and 8-8:30 pm est. There is no limit on the number of units sold, just the small preorder windows. So if you show up to order during that time, you will get one.

The preorder is your deposit. This way I know you want one and won’t back out when it’s tome to ship. It’s $75 and non refundable.

I plan to have these ready to ship in mid to late August. But if you’re coming to worlds I want to do my best to hand deliver it to you. Either you can come to the G2HQ cookout or meet up at the contest. ???? The rest of your payment will be due then.

You will have the option for raw, copper, or black. (Blasted is much riskier to do, so we will have a 5 minute window to order those on Monday) I’ll have options if you want multiples, $40 off if you get two. $75 off your total if you get 3. I’ll email after your order to see what colors you wanted.

Certificates will be made and shipped with your TiShee. Numbers will be assigned randomly.

Specs –
Diameter – 55.96
Width – 43.05
Weight – 65.75ish grams
Bearing – Boss Ripper
Pads – G19s
String – G2 x Ziplines Diamond Blend
Spins – Good
Sparks – Yes

Thanks for the love and support. It’s going to be an epic month of maildays when these start showing up.


The Direwolf

G2 Nation,

Winter is here and its time to release the details. I had been thinking about something to go along with the final season of Game of Thrones. Starting with colorways ideas, then new yoyo designs, finally landing on the perfect idea, the Direwolf. We already had the Wolf, why not revamp it into an oversized more powerful version. Similar to how a Direwolf would be compared to a regular wolf.

I love it when ideas work out. We got them done in time for tonights release and its a great playing yoyo, which was the priority.

We went big, but not too big. It’s 60mm in diameter and 46mm wide. Weighs in at 68 grams, which would normally feel heavy, but with an oversized yoyo its feels exactly how you would want it to. Overly stable and plenty of power, while being a perfect fit for adult hands. Don’t try to put it in your skinny jeans though.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Life 4/12/19

G2 Nation!

It’s that day, I’m sorry about the late write up but I’m doing my best :).

Firstly Jensen did a great write up on the a.rt site you should check out. He puts ideas and thoughts to paper in a special way.

As for other info. The Mutated Snozberries and Berries n Cream colors are a normal bead blast. The Arkham is getting close to our diamond blast that you see on our solids. It’s amazing ????

The life is machined to have loose bearing posts, so you won’t need a tool to remove them. This leaves the opening to a minor minor minor fingernail vibe on some of the a grades. If I didn’t mention it you wouldn’t have noticed, but that’s not how I roll.

This thing is an abosolute joy to play.

Diameter – 56.7mm
Width – 44.5mm
Weight – 65 grams
Axle – 10mm
Pads – Dad pads

In other news – I’ll see you GOT fans at 9pm est Sunday. Winter is coming, and it’s going to be so epic.


Mutated Snozberries Wolf

G2 Nation!

It’s been a minute! I had the flu. I had a kid. We’re all heathy and happy. Time to get back into the swing of things.

These beautiful wolves will be on the site tonight at 9est. They are glitches for minor vibe and/or marks on the IRG under the ano. Yeah, the anodizer lost their job, but saved you a bunch on money on your car insurance. I mean on your new yoyo.

Thanks for reading,


The Yoluminati Project (CF004)

G2 Nation,

Yeah, late notice but this still gives you time to snag one I hope.

The Casefile Series is our way to expirment with designs and ideas. Each tome we do them it’s a single run and done.

Tonight we are dropping the last we have of the 004s. 8:30 pm est. Most are solid black, a few have the yoluminati engraving.

The 004 was a project between some friends in the IRC chatroom. I talk more in depth about it here –

It’s smaller than anything we have released in a while, the main catch zone might remind your of the original Elite.

Specs –
Diameter – 52mm
Width – 40mm
Weight – 64 grams
Pads – G19
Bearing – Boss Ripper
Axle – 8mm

G2 Josef Day

G2 Nation,

We’ve been holding this news in for a bit, and it’s about time we finally let the cat out of the bag. Josef Chung has joined the team, and wanted to do so by sharing what his PNWR freestyle was supposed to look like! We all get nervous on stage especially the first time up and Josef wanted some redemption from his nerves! Here it is – The Goods

I know you all will leave some love and be sure to go follow him on Instagram @jinhocn

A bit more news for today – a drop! We have clear Reapers and some of the protos of Project A v2s. 9pm est in the G2 Store.

V2 will not be the final version, we want to move some of the rim weight into the mid wall, as well as adjust the spike to match the Reaper styling.

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for the support, and have a wonderful day.


Reaper day

G2 Nation,

Today is the day. Almost 4 years in the making. The Reaper is ready. I need to go over the timeline with Kyle (Alphuh) and we’ll get you all the details from over the years. It changed quite a bit from its original state to where it ended up today.

The drop today, 3pm est, will feature the blue sky and some mystery colors. I wanted to make sure we had a larger drop than just the 20 or so blue. (We have 40ish today) If you’re a patreon backer you know what the mystery colors could be. If not, I’d venture to guess you’re still going to be extremely happy with any of the colors you get. All solids, all diamond blasted. Full size, 64 grams. Full specs with our site update. Coming soon.

If you don’t love it, I’ll give you your money back ????,