Sunrise Swirl Banshee 22

G2 Nation –

7 of these beautiful Sunrise Swirl B22 passed QC. They are being released lottery style via our newsletter. Everyone signed up to our newsletter will be getting an email to enter. You will need to reply by noon eastern Friday to enter. Winners will be drawn later that day.

Golden Goose Valhalla

G2 Nation,
Today is my oldest sons 6th birthday. I let him choose a new throw for his collection. He picked one of these Valhalla. They are AL7 (7068) body with Gold SS rims. We don’t do this combo very often, but its a stunner everytime.

I am going to be releasing the rest of the batch tonight 8.2.23 at 8pm eastern in the G2 store. They will be at a discounted birthday price to let you celebrate with us. Hope to see you stop by the store, 19 passed QC.


Nats Release – AfterLife – Clear and Plum

G2 Nation,
I couldn’t make it to nationals this year, and I bet most of you couldn’t either. So I decided to have a drop for those at home. Works out pretty well too because its the first AfterLife drop. Two colors – Clear and Plum! Release is at 1pm eastern in the G2 store. (Sunday 7.2.23)

Plum AfterLife

This yoyo was made to do one thing – Float.
Specs –
Diameter 59mm
Width 44.55
Weight – 62.5 grams
Pads – G20
Axle – 10mm
Finish – Diamond Blasted

If you haven’t yet make sure you sign up for the newsletter on the main landing page. There was an email sent out prior about the drop and you never miss it.


War Relic Carbine and RBG Brass Luna

G2 Nation,

Thursday drop this week, not the normal Friday time. Shipping manager has a gold scramble on Saturday and wants to get these out Friday morning.

The War Relic only had 7 pass QC and the RBG Brass Luna had 15. Both will be in the store at 8pm eastern on Thursday (6.22.23)

This is the first public release of the Brass rim Luna. I like the extra weight out there, which surprised me because I usually love the lighter stuff. Also had great reviews from the patreon members that got a brass one a few months ago for one of their shipments.

Thanks for your time. Hope to send you something soon!


Rainbow Galaxy Brass Luna

War Relic Carbine

6/2/23 drop (Carbine, AL7 Mongoose, Ti Triton, Banshee 22)

G2 Nation!

Big drop today. Well kind of. 4 different options but all pretty limited. All pretty incredible if you ask me.

Anyway the sale was on 6/2/23 Friday at 8 pm eastern, and I made some YouTube shorts for each one.

Pacific Storm Banshee 22
Plasmaberries Carbine
Unicorn Splatter AL7 Mongoose
Antique Titanium Triton

Maybe the wifi speeds be on your side.

Have a great weekend,


Toxic Flames Banshee 22

Nation! Dual drop today. So, what happened is I started to have a lil panic attack about fans being frustrated after the Pelican drop. That bums me out, and today is likely to be the only drop this month. This lead me to prepping these B22 quickly to add to the drop. Fire color way. Pun intended. 13 passed QC. 5.2.23 5pm eastern in the G2 Store.

Unicorn Strom P19


Down to the basics here. These look absolutely incredible. Congratulations in advance to those that land these. Let’s see here. 13 passed QC. They drop at 5pm eastern on 5.2.23. Yeah sorry it’s not Friday, but im about to be booked up and no drops the next few weeks and wanted to get these out there.

Unicorn Strom Pelican 19

Rainforest AL7 Pelican 19

Hey Nation!

AL7 P19 drops Friday 4.28.23 at 8pm eastern in the G2 store. 15 passed QC. This is the first time we have seen a non solid color AL7 option on the Pelican.

Future plans? I don’t want to call this the retirement for the AL7 but it very well could be. I have a few raws left, I planned to use for the customs, but in theory could be used as one last color for a drop. TBD.

Rainforest AL7 P19

Have a great Friday! $15 if you’re patreon member. Id highly suggest signing up, just the savings on this will be more than your monthly membership.


Rock The Baby Contest

G2 Nation,

We have a contest going on until Friday at noon eastern. Who can do the most rock the baby?

Winner will get one of the yoyos that is dropping Friday for my birthday. Also if you aren’t going to get the most, I am doing a random winner as well. This will be for anyone that gets over 150 rocks.

Stop over to the Facebook group to drop your video if you hit 150 or go for the record. Take a look at other videos for some tips as well.

Floral Combat Carbine

G2 Nation,

Ah yes the camo pattern is on of our most requested. These take us a long time to get back from the anodizer so they only happen on rare occasion. This specific version was going to be a Warpath combat (Red, Clear, Grey) but the red washed into the clear, leaving it a little pink. It reminds me of some of the floral print shirts / bags out there. Overall still really happy with the patterns on these.

Floral Combat Carbine

Quantities on these are limited. Both the A grades and glitches total 10. They will be available Friday at 8pm eastern in the G2 Store. If you haven’t played a carbine yet, it’s an absolute delight.