Warthog Retirement

G2 Nation,

Big day today. A happy one in my book. The Warthog has been a great yoyo in our lineup, a large agile fun yoyo. It is time to move on and allow for new ideas to be tested. The final two colors will be live on the site at 6pm eastern. The Kaleidoscope in 6061 and the Mystic Mist in 7075. Both limited to under 10 pieces total.

AL7 Mystic Mist Warthog
Kaleidoscope Warthog

Both look absolutely incredible! Hope you get the chance to snag one. If we have site issues because of the strain on the server just do your best to refresh and try to get through.

Thanks for the support and letting me really put the effort into this.


Citrus Fade Reaper

G2 Nation,

We went all out on this one. I mean look at this photoset lol.

Citrus Fade Reaper

Anyway we have been experimenting with new fades to see what else we like. Sometimes you get a dude, sometimes you get something epic like this and kick yourself for not trying it years ago.

Release is on 9/11/20 at 8pm in the G2 store. Yes, before you ask they are diamond blasted and do taste like sprite. Only one of those comments is true, I’ll let you figure it out.

Have a great weekend,


Shark Week Respawn

Good Evening G2 Nation,

You might have seen a post on Tuesday about an announcement we had planned. Well, that got delayed until right now!

Ryan Johnson made us some incredible art for this Shark Week Respawn. If you don’t already know, the Respawn is our modern resposive yoyo, that we have also been using as an canvas for different art. Below are a couple mock ups of what we expect the yoyo to look like after being engraved.

Side 1
Side B

There will also be an alternate version, where the anodizing is a blue acid wash instead of the solid deep blue.

This drop is going to be slightly different than most of the other Artist Edition Respawns. You won’t have to camp out for the drop on the website, these are going to be a preorder for 24 hours only, with no limit. I have put in my resignation to my day job, and will be able to handle this preorder in a super timely manner. We expect to be able to get these ship out 35 days after the sale is complete.

I guess you want to know when they will be available? Thursday 8/13 at 8pm eastern until 8/14 at 8pm eastern. I am really looking forward to this process, and it’s going to be a litmus test for if we want to do similar releases in this manner.

If you are a patreon member at patreon.com/g2jake please make sure to check there before you order, as there is a discount code for you to use.

Thanks for being awesome,


AL7 Pelican Sighting

Good Morning G2 Nation,

That’s a bit of a mouthful all together. Did you read that in my vlog voice?

Anyway – We have ventured into AL7 land for the pelican, not sure why I waited so long. We went with 7068 instead of the normal 7075 – its better for anodizing/blasting and it was only about a gram heavier not almost two. I was worried about it being a bit too heavy and 66 plus, but it’s NOT! It feels great, no thud just a bit of extra spin but no extra lag. It’s really like most things, you need to try them to feel it yourself, my words over the internet aren’t going to really express the play.

Clear AL7 Pelican

You can see the beautiful diamond blast here in the photo. It feels as good as it looks!

These will be going out to June patreon backers first, followed by normal operations for the extra from a patreon specific run. The soul members get theirs, then other backers get the chance to buy one if they want, any extra after that will make it to G2 Nation on FB. Do yourself a favor and grab a soul spot on patreon.com/g2jake if you want a yoyo every month, we have some great items coming up! Cough warthog cough.

Forest AL7 Pelican

That is all I have for you today. We will chat soon. If you didn’t already checkout the video on these, it was a fun one.

  • Jake

Sneezy Unicorn Respawn

We have continued the artist edition respawns with Brent Smith. One day Brent shared a rough sketch of a unicorn on his instagram. I contacted him about it being perfect for the engraving on a Unicorn Fade Respawn. The rest is history. We have a dozen of these going up on the site Friday at 8 pm est. 7/24/20.

Sneezy Unicorn Respawn

Quake Retirement

G2 Nation,

Tonight we retire the Quake. I thought I was going to do this last year, but kept pushing it off. These made the move with us from the old HQ to the new HQ. Anyway they are ready to rock and will be in the store at 8pm est tonight.
Also – the andromeda swirl will be have some up for raffle on the G2 Nation FB page as well as a post on patreon.com/g2jake exclusive for members. Miss out on each attempt there will be a silent auction. Send your highest bit to gsquaredyoyos@gmail.com whoever bids highest will pay the bid of the 2nd highest person plus $1 and shipping.
Yep, these ship in the wood boxes so that’s cool. These are from the old anodizer that also did the best swirls. See you tonight!

retirement quakes

July 4th – Freedom Warthogs and bonus SS

Happy July 4th!

We have the freedom hogs from the retirement run dropping today at 3pm eastern. The full retirement run is 4 colors. 2 of the 6061 and 2 of the 7075. These are 6061 – 10 made. Only 7 passed inspection. With the small number we decided to drop the engraved Banshee SS as well. More goodies to go around. Thanks for the support, hope to see you with a mailday this coming week! This is the planned engraved SS, if that matters to you.

6/25 Release

Good Afternoon!

Two yo-yos today for the site. The covenant in one of our cleanest colorways – Warpath

Warpath Covenant

Then we have the Nebula B18. Only 6 made, 5 a grades. 3 on the site, 1 for the silent auction, and 1 for a future draft. I hope luck is on your side for these, just an incredible colorway. We did these a couple of months back with the respawns.

Nebula Banshee 18

Higby Respawn

G2 Nation,

The legend himself John Higby did some incredible art for the Respawn. 2 versions will be live 7pm est in Friday 6/19.

I mean – the design speaks for itself.

Indigo Dreams Arbiter

Good Morning,

Just wanted to make a quick post on the release this Saturday, the Indigo Dreams Arbiter. It’s a Blue/Navy body with dual tone SS rings. The outer section of the rings are a blue/green reflection while the inner section is more of a pink/purple gloss. It’s a bit hard to get photos of, but looks incredible in person.

Indigo Dreams SS Rings

A few other fun facts. This is the last of the 2nd run of Arbiter, we do plan on having a third run later this year. There are going to be 20 listed on the website, one saved for a future draft, and one saved for the silent auction.

These will be live on the site at 12 noon eastern 6/13/20. I have heard the calls from Europe, and wanted to make sure this was at a more friendly time for them.

Hope you all have an incredible weekend.