TiSS / TiBr Banshee Preorder

G2 Nation,

Thursday – the 22nd of February we will be celebrating our 12th anniversary. This is the year I go all in. A titanium Banshee with Stainless Steel or Brass rims. I got the prototypes in hand about 9 months ago and have been waiting on the right time for the release. This is going to be as good of a time as any.

These are the finest yoyos I have ever created, and I don’t say that lightly. When you pick these up there is an instant understanding that this is no longer a toy. They have a presence in your hand and on the string that commands your respect and attention.

I understand there is nothing I can say to “sell” you this type of premium yoyo. So for those of you that want to experience these, this is the breakdown on how the preorder will work.

Thursday (2.22.24) there will be two, one hour windows, that you can place your order. 9am-10am eastern and 9pm-10pm eastern in the G2 store.

The deposit will be what you pay on Thursday. You will have a remaining balance of $200 plus shipping per yoyo, that will be due when the yoyo is ready to ship toward the end of May. Invoices will be emailed to you for the remaining balance, and you will provide updated shipping addresses at that time. (Patreon members get $25 off per yoyo, check the patreon page for details Thursday)

These are the options that will be available. You will be able to get any of these options blasted as well.
Raw Body / Raw SS Rims ($225 deposit)
Raw Body / Brass Rims ($225 deposit)
Rainbow Body / Rainbow SS Rims ($275 deposit)
Rainbow Body / Brass Rims ($265 Deposit)

You will also be able to purchase a raw set that will include the limited G2 Knife pictured above. The knife is ready and will ship now. (Deposit will be $450) on the sets. (Video on the knife to come)

The design has been updated since the prototypes, if you were lucky enough to plays those. Just some slight gut tweaks. I think the biggest change is adjusting the rims. The Ti body in the cups comes all the way out the edge of the ss or br rims, that will not be the case on the production. It will look and feel cleaner. This adjustment also adds a tad more weight.

I understand this is a premium offering that everyone will not be able to get, but I am overly excited to blow the socks off those of you that get to. Thanks for 12 great years. Here’s to 2-3 more.


Initial Throw Test of the protos
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