Rock The Baby Contest

G2 Nation,

We have a contest going on until Friday at noon eastern. Who can do the most rock the baby?

Winner will get one of the yoyos that is dropping Friday for my birthday. Also if you aren’t going to get the most, I am doing a random winner as well. This will be for anyone that gets over 150 rocks.

Stop over to the Facebook group to drop your video if you hit 150 or go for the record. Take a look at other videos for some tips as well.

Floral Combat Carbine

G2 Nation,

Ah yes the camo pattern is on of our most requested. These take us a long time to get back from the anodizer so they only happen on rare occasion. This specific version was going to be a Warpath combat (Red, Clear, Grey) but the red washed into the clear, leaving it a little pink. It reminds me of some of the floral print shirts / bags out there. Overall still really happy with the patterns on these.

Floral Combat Carbine

Quantities on these are limited. Both the A grades and glitches total 10. They will be available Friday at 8pm eastern in the G2 Store. If you haven’t played a carbine yet, it’s an absolute delight.


Final Covenant

G2 Nation,

The last Covenant is here. The rainbow galaxy. It is off into the sunset now.

Just for historical evidence, this release was done via an email lottery. Everyone signed up for the newsletter has a chance to enter, there was now smashing refresh and hoping your internet is the fastest. Time will tell if we try it again.

Rainbow Galaxy Covenant


The Larger Lighter Triangle.

Wild yoyo based on 3 random polls on Facebook. Plays surprisingly great and unique.

It is a small one time pre order. only available for one hour on the Facebook group. The Official G2 Nation. Wednesday 2.22.23 at 2pm eastern. There will be 5 colors.

If you want to learn more here is a short video –

Specs – 59.8mm by 46.9mm and 59.8 grams.

Berry Strom Banshee 22

G2 Nation,

Good Afternoon! I am glad to report the B22 has been receiving high praise and we have a nice restock tonight.

2.17.23 8pm eastern in the G2 Store. 24 passed Qc.

Patreon members make sure you sign up on the discount wheel for tonight, before the drop.

Banshee 22 – Berry Strom

Retirement Reaper

The time has come. This is the final Reaper drop.

Rainbow Galaxy, 20 passed QC. 1.27.23 8pm in the G2 Store.

More details on the Reaper as a whole in the video.

Introducing the Banshee 22

G2 Nation,

I am going to keep this short and sweet. The video goes into more depth and writing up flashy descriptions really isn’t my strong suit.

The Banshee 22 – we continue to update the Banshee to match the current preferences of modern designs. Hard to imagine the original was released over 5 years ago. The 22 is more of a modern OG than an updated 18. I really went after that zippy float that the original is known for.

Banshee 22

Specs –

55.5mm x 44.6mm – our smallest diameter and widest Banshee weights in at 63 grams. (More comparisons can be seen in the video.)

Drop – I stealth dropped the EDC Gray on Christmas Day. The Deep Purple and Peach will be available in the store 12/30 at 8pm eastern. Both colors are limited to 10 or less units. Moving into 2023 you will see mostly smaller drops to let me work on a larger variety of colors. Splash colors are currently delayed at the anodizer.

Thanks for stopping by. Please make sure you are signed up on our newsletter as you will see us moving important info off of social media and into the newsletter.


Cherry Bomb Luna (11/21/22)

G2 Nation,

Starting out the week HOTTTT. Cherry Bomb Luna. noon eastern in the G2 store. Major “Black Friday” pricing. Almost as good as the incredible red and black on this Luna.

I am still working on the testing here, so I am not fully sure how many passed QC. I just wanted to get this post up asap.

Cherry Bomb Luna


Have a great week!


Berry Storm Reaper

G2 Nation,

Berry Storm Reaper is ready to rock. 11/18/22 at 8pm eastern in the G2 store. 18 of these passed QC. They will be on sale, bonus $10 off to all patreon members. The storm was on these turned out really well. Whispy as a friend put it. Not overly contrasty but kind of blended together like a group of liquids running into each other. See you tonight, Ron is ready to go early Saturday to get these headed to your mailbox.

Berry Storm Reaper

Moon Star Mongoose

G2 Nation,

The Moon Star Mongoose was a color way for me. As incredible as the Solar Speckle color is, I wanted to put it on a blue base. It turned out GREAT!

Moon Star Mongoose

I made this video about it, if you have a couple minutes to kill.

The Moon Star will be available in the G2 store tonight. 11/11/22 at 8pm eastern. Only a total of 11 passed quality control after I assembled and tested. Due to the low number I will also have a handful of mystery release bi-metal release tonight. Discounted since it’s a mystery. Guaranteed to be a great mailday for the buyer.

Have a great Friday.