The Grunt and Mini FOV Case

G2 Nation,

The Grunt made has arrived. Jake had this design sitting in the design book from 2021. Just waiting for the perfect time to release it. The midsize throw was a new for the lineup and the Grunt fills it perfectly.

This is a video that talks about it and shows it off.

Specs – 52.8mm by 43.4mm and 62.8 grams.
The big rounded rims really make it fill up your hand so it doesn’t feel awkward like most smaller yoyos. It’s an absolute delight. With those big rims I had to keep the weight lower, I wanted to make sure it was plenty speedy. With the smaller diameter you can run into a heft that I wanted to avoid at all cost. You are going to love the Grunt. It fits the G2 category of – if you don’t like it, send it back.

Now lets talk about the MINI FOV case.

I took most of the same designs of the normal FOV but made it for holding just 6 yoyos. This fits so well on your desk or smaller shelf.

That’s all ive got for you today. Hope you have a great weekend!

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