Santa Jake 2023

G2 Nation,

It’s that time of year! I am going to keep this short and sweet. You are likely sending this to a loved one that wants to buy you something nice related to yo-yo. Let’s be real here – we are picky when it comes to our yoyo stuff. It is going to be hard to ask them for something you really want that’s currently available. And asking them to land a G2 drop is a chore they are not likely up for.

This is where Santa Jake comes in. I have a couple yo-yos tucked away that have not been on the site yet. These will be available to your loved ones via email. This offer is open until the 8th. One of the items is only available until the 5th, because of the time needed complete it. It’s a pretty tight time table for Christmas.

If you’re interested in this have them email me at with Santa 2023 for the subject. I can help them some if they let me know who they are buying for and if they can send a partial collection photo. Any clues you want them to pass along is helpful too.

Please don’t try to buy yourself something. Trying to keep the Christmas magic alive for some of us adults.

I made this video about the event last year – ignore the dates but it helps you get the idea.


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