Blue Sky Elites

G2 Nation,

If you are caught up on the vlogs you already know this. The last month or so I’ve been putting countless hours into G2. I love it, but I’ve gotten a bit burnt out and let some life things fall behind. I’m going to take a little time to focus more on catching up on those things. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any G2 work, I will be. Just wanted to let you know there would be a little break in the releases. With that said I have one last Elite color ready to go, Blue Sky. They will be available Wednesday at 6pm est in the G2 store. Yes, there will be more colors to come down the road. Thank you all for your support, it’s been great seeing your mailday posts, unboxings, and first impressions. I’m glad the hard work paid off in this one, I do feel it’s truly Elite.

G2 Jake

P.S – forgot to update you on the throwers Hawks, AL7 are finished and amazing. 6061 should be finished and shipped back to me next week.

Berries and Cream Wolf

G2 Nation,

How about a quick update today? First of all we have the Berries and Cream Wolves dropping tonight at 6pm in the G2 store. It is crazy to think that we came up with this colorway back in 2012 on the Albatross and have been doing it ever sense. The colors have changed overtime but it never fails to impress! (If you have a berries and cream albatross please email us, would love a nice photo of it. I’ll make it worth your time.)

This week we you all are deciding who gets to go to the finals of the People’s Showdown, and will have a shot against Andrew Maider to win the $500! Click here to watch

I should be doing a giveaway very very soon for reaching 1750 subscribers on youtube, just trying to think of how I want to do this. (Saw we passed 1800 this morning!!) Maybe I’ll do it on the Elite packaging video I hope to release later this week.

Yes, those Blue Sky Elites you saw in the vlog are next on the release list. I have them assembled, just need to test and package them. No release date planned yet but I will post here when I have one. (If you had a dibs you want to use, make sure you email me soon)

Thank you all for your incredible support as we continue to grow and adjust. Hopefully these changes you have seen recently have give you a better chance to pick up a new G2, and shown that we are listening to your requests. We just needed some time to implement them, and we will continue to.

G2 Jake

P.S – TFW you make it to a UK club meet without leaving your home. Mustache

Snozberries Swirl Wolf

G2 Nation,

Goooooood Moooorning! We are back with a quick restock for you. You have been asking about these wolves for months and they are finally here. The Snozberries Swirl came out so so so good! This was the first time we have taking one of our classic color ways and added the G2 Swirl twist on it. (See what I did there?) Anyway these will be up in the store at 6 pm est, today. Tuesday March 14th.

Spoiler alert, I do have berries and cream ready to be listed soon. I wanted to release them at the same time, but I am currently in the middle of renovating my office (the G2 HQ). Everything is boxed up and in my living room, and it makes packaging / shipping yoyos very difficult. So, we compromised and decided to at least get you one colorway up and in the store. Thanks for spreading the G2 cheer, you guys have been posting some amazing content to our hashtag – #g2yoyos

You all rock,

G2 Jake

Last of the first run Elites

G2 Nation,

Huge shoutout to everyone that has already picked up a first run Elite. It looks like we under shot demand for our first bimetal with both drops selling out in minutes. Second run is in the works and hopefully won’t take too long. With that said I am going to be releasing the last of the MS-70 Penny Elites right now without a prior announcement.

The whole first run was done in the MS-70 Penny (rose gold) color, one of our personal favorites. I decided to do a random drop for the remaining Elites, hopefully you are seeing this post early enough to pick one up. Boxes are finished and should be here early next week, and shipment will closely follow to your mailbox. It’s going to be an epic week for mailday posts when these arrive, I’m so excited for you to finally get them.

Thank you all for the incredible support and helping G2 grow everyday,

G2 Jake

Pre Sale Restock

G2 Nation,

Goooood Moooorning! I woke up dark and early this morning and started assembling some more Elites. These will be listed in the store, Tuesday at 6pm est. These like the first batch will be shipping in a couple weeks when the packaging arrives. Hope this helps heal the wound for those of you that missed out Friday. Thanks for the continued support, you all rock!

G2 Jake

P.s. – Alphuh released a tutorial this weekend. It might be a good time to increase your trick catalogue – Dairy Tower

False Alarm

G2 Nation,

First – Thank you all so much for crazy support on the Elite pre-sale. I believe the last order was processed at 5:02. I want to let you all know I plan on having another pre-sale within the week so that they will also be ready to ship as soon as the boxes arrive.

Now, I just wanted to let you all know that your pre-sale Elites have not shipped yet. If you ordered one, you might have gotten an email from paypal saying your order has shipped. It has not, I printed all the shipping labels so that I can have them ready to go as soon as the boxes get here. I will make a post so that you all know they have shipped, and you can start checking your tracking numbers hourly!

Have a great weekend,

G2 Jake

Elite Day

G2 Nation,

Today is the day. The day I have been working so hard for. Today I get to release the Elite. This yoyo consumed me, I put all my passion into it. I didn’t want to do this just to do it, I wanted to take my time and do it right. Striving to display the properties best fit for the dense SS rings. All while shaping the Elite into the classic, timeless yoyo that I am so proud of.

Not only does the Elite look great, it plays great. We kept the weight low, 62 grams, but were still able to maximize performance. Stability, speed, momentum are all words that come to mind when I play with this yoyo. It’s like a finely tuned machine made to slay tricks on the end of your string. I can’t wait for you to throw your hardest combo at this yoyo and after you’re done laugh when it asks for more.

Thank you all for being patient with us, believing in us, and understanding that it was going to take us some time to do this our way. The only way we know, the right way. You can’t rush something like this, so thank you for that.

As you know the Elite will be available today at 5pm est. In our store, We only have 5 ready to do with the PNWR prerelease boxes. We know that wasn’t enough to warrant its own release. So, we have 15 pre sales going on the store as well. These yoyos are tested and ready to go, I am just waiting on the new packaging. (white boxes and sleeve with gold foil imprint) These boxes should be ready to go in two weeks, as soon as they are finished your yoyo will ship. At that time we hope to have a restock of the MS-70 Penny Elite. Ordering today will ensure you get one and will guarantee you get your Elite as fast as possible

Thank you for inspiring me,

G2 Jake

The Elite

The Elite is G Squared YoYos passion project. I can’t remember being more proud of a design. Making a bimetal was a huge undertaking that presented many new challenges and opportunities. Finally, after four prototypes, we got it perfect.

When approaching the Elite we didn’t want to make a bimetal just to do it, we wanted to utilize the properties that make this medium special. To harness the magical feeling you get the second you throw a truly well designed bimetal. Our goal was to achieve performance you can’t with strictly aluminum. Obtaining levels of stability and momentum at a weight you can’t reach without the use of different materials. Here at G2 we don’t just go through the motions, we are Elite.

Releasing soon at
*Presale Friday details soon*

Diameter – 57mm
Width – 43mm
Weight – 62 grams
Body – 6061 aluminum
Weight ring – stainless steel
Bearing – Boss Rage and Wrath (size c)
Response – G19 pads (19mm)
Price – $159

Becoming Elite at PNWR

Goood Mooorning!

Trying to answers some FAQ I’ve been getting recently about our booth at PNWR 2017. Yes, there will be Elites for sale there. This is your first chance to pick one up. $150 at the contest, $159 when we Release in a couple weeks. There will also be plenty of other things at the booth. You can see everything that will be available in this video –
G2 PNWR 2017 Booth

Unfortunately I will not be attending, just not a good time at work for me to take off. Kyle will be their manning the booth. I THINK he will be able to take credit card, but take cash if you can, just to be safe.

Hope you all have an incredible contest!