Our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

G2 Nation,

It’s that time of year, you know, the one where we give away all sorts of awesome! This year we switched it up, I want you to nominated someone to spread some christmas cheer with. Instead of me picking 12 random people from 500 emails, you are going to suggest someone else that deserves to get an awesome gift.

Details in the vlog – make sure you follow the instructions. If you don’t your person will not be considered.

Thank you!


Warthog Restock 12/5/17

G2 Nation,

Glitch Ruby Red Warthogs will be available Tuesday 12/5/17 at 8pm est in the G2 store. These either have a light vibe and/or uno issues. The ano issues are in the undercut and silicone areas you won’t see them except when you’re taking it apart for maintenance or to undo a knot.

Ghost drop coming soon, but I don’t have a set time or numbers yet.

Have a wonderful G2sday,


Throwers Warthog Pre order 11/4/17

G2 Nation,

As many of you know I have been working with r/throwers to design a colorway for the Warthog. After a long voting process we have settled on this. Blue/Black acidwash base with a faded G2 swirl and matching speckle. The fade will be orange to yellow to green. I think the speckle is going to put this colorway on another level!

So how do you get one? Well the raws are at the anodizer currently and should be ready by Christmas. You can reserve one on Saturday at 10am est. (look at New York on a world clock) This will be your deposit of $100. The rest ($40 plus shipping) will be due when the yoyo is ready to ship. If there are any issues with the yoyos during assembly/testing I’ll give you a refund or option to buy it at the glitch price.

We will have 25 available to purchase on Saturday. We have some extras on order to protect against glitches, that will be available later if all goes well. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for taking the time to work on this epic colorway with me, I’m super excited to see this colorway cone to life.


Ghost Restock 10/31/17

G2 Nation,

Huge Ghost restock at 8pm est on Tuesday. A perfect trick or treat experience. How many is “huge” well I’m not sure, it’s as many as I can get ready tonight. That number is already more than any other Ghost drop before, so I expect these to last for a bit.


The Quake Origins

G2 Nation,

Just recently I have started a Story Time Friday series. This wraps up the week of Vlogs with a story. This week we looked back on the design process of the Quake, if your interested take a look!

Quake Origins

– Jake

AL7 Rainicorn Swirl Wolf Release

G2 Nation,

It’s finally time. We’re as ready as we can be. The Rainicorn on the AL7 Wolf is ready to go. What’s special about the Rainicorn swirl colorway? Well besides it being epic, it’s only done once per model. So you will never see this done again on an AL7 Wolf.

Quantity is very limited, please be patient if we have website issues, I’m not sure how it will handle the demand. Please also remember it is not yours until you pay, just adding it to you cart does nothing.

Ok so the drop is Friday 10/27/17 at 5:30 pm est. Followed by the lottery. If you need more details on that, watch the end of the vlog uploaded on Thursday 10/26/17… yes you might be reading this before that video is up, but it’s easier to describe the process that way.

*Edit* I guess it’s not that hard.. if you want to enter the lottery to win the rights for to purchase an AL7 Rainicorn Swirl Wolf email between 6-7pm est on Friday with the subject “Wolf Lottery”, also include your name and address in the body so I know you only entered once. Winners will have the rights to purchase the left over wolves and glitches.

Thanks for the incredible support and good luck!


Case File 002 Release 10/18/17

G2 Nation,

It’s finally time to release the second yoyo in our Case File series. Our experiment series. The series where we try new and unusual things, for a LIMITED 1 time run. (We will not make this yoyo again)

The 002 is a big organic yoyo with an undercut and fingerspin dimple. It’s been a favorite of the teams, so much so that we considered making it a production yoyo instead of a Case File.

It’s comes in two colors. A purple – berries n cream and a blue – frostbite. You will have two chances to pick these up. Wednesday at 6pm est we will have the larger release. If the site doesn’t load, stick around it takes a few minutes for the hosting to upgrade to need the demand. (I think I said that right) Your second chance is a mystery drop on Wednesday. No announcement will be made by G2 about this drop.

Can’t wait to get these in your hands, you will love it!


Ps – the photo is my personal CF 002. 50/50 swaps will not be available. It’s good to be the boss sometimes.

Specs… I guess you might want those too
Diameter – 55.25mm
Width – 42.5mm
Weight – Will weigh tonight, I forget.
Axle – 8mm
Response – G19 pads
Bearing – Boss Rage and Boss Wrath
Machined in China
Anodized, assembled, and tested in Ohio

Freedom Swirl Wolf Release 10/8/17

G2 Nation,

I know, I know. I’ve been working on these for what seems like forever. Well the time is finally set. 8pm est in the G2 store you will have your chance to pick one up. Absolutely love the way the colorway came out.

Hope you’re having a great weekend,