Mini Covenant Update 8/6/22

G2 Nation,

Quick reminder that this project is going to be a pre order item for those that got a Mini Banshee, or Mini Banshee Wide. I have finalized the current design but want to get a proto back before doing this pre order. I was hoping to have the order emails out by now but it will be delayed as I want to play it first. It’s smaller and lighter than anything I’ve done. It’s also a D bearing which I have not done before. Those two things make me want to double check it first to make sure it plays as well as I expect.

Mini Covenant Concept

Current specs are –

46.5mm diameter

40mm width

53.5 grams

7068 Al.

That’s the current status. No you have not missed the email, the plans just changed to make sure this is as good as possible.


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