The Carbine

Hey Nation,

We have added a new yoyo to the lineup. The Carbine. It’s bigger but not too big. 57.7×44.4 and only 63.5 grams. I talked about it in this video –

Patreon members have seen this yoyo blossom from a pretty average prototype to the incredible playing production version. It was something this always had potential, just took a few trys to get it all working together. Sometimes with larger yoyos it can be hard to make it comfortable in the hand and to get it to unwind quick enough. The Carbine excels at both of these aspects, making it play smaller than it is. It just has a nice stable float to it. It’s hard to describe, it just clicks when you play it.

First public release is going to be on Friday 4/22/22 at 8pm eastern in the G2 store. Really happy to get this one out into your hands. Alabaster is the first color to drop. I don’t have many of these ready yet, but wanted to get a clean classy solid out there for you. Both A grades and glitches will be available.

Alabaster G2 Carbine

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