Interstellar Reaper and Carbine Drop


Happy Friday! This week has been crazy for me. Lcayy is back and I hope you enjoyed that.

The Interstellar Reaper. I had 25 sets anodized…. And only 13 passed QC. That puts 12 on the site and one held back for the draft. Not ideal at all. Luckily we have the Carbine drop at the same time to help fill the void. This is the first public Carbine drop. It’s in a solid color while others are at the anodizers but I don’t think I can praise this design enough. I am so confident you’re going to love it, that if you don’t you can send it back. Go watch the Carbine intro video from the prior news post if you haven’t. It gives the full story and more comments on the play of the carbine.

Drop is 4/22/22 at 8 eastern. Hope you get a chance to stop by, thank you for the support of G2. You keep showing up, I’ll keep making good stuff.

G2 Carbine
Interstellar Reaper

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