Banshee 22 Proto

G2 Nation,

Banshee 22 Proto has arrived in the HQ this week. This is our latest addition to the Banshee family.

I talk more about it and the Banshee roots in this video along with the 22 proto –

The idea behind the 22 is to keep the performance advantages of the B18 but get back some of that floaty magic of the OG Banshee. We focused on doing this by increasing the width and decreasing the weight overall. While also adding a little beef to the rim.

Specs are likely to change slightly but this is where we are right now.

55.45mm by 44.55mm and 62.6 grams.

Banshee 22 Proto
OG Banshee, Banshee 18, Banshee 22

Hope you’re all having a good week. I will have news on the Friday drop tomorrow.

For patreon members that ordered a B22 Proto, I will be sending you a message in the next couple days. If you want access to cool stuff like that, you should go become a member here –


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