Birthday Drop (Life, Mongoose, Mystery)

G2 Nation,

I turned 33 today. Now that I’ve got the work out of the way, I’m headed to the arcade with my kids.

3 items will be available tonight.

First the incredible Berry Drizzle Life. Acidwash in the splash. Amazeballs. Not many available, small run to make sure the anodizer could do it.

Berry Drizzle Life

Second – we have the Blackout Mongoose. Rave reviews on this 6061 version. If you didn’t get a clear or deep purple, hop on this. Thank me on mailday. Bakers dozen available of these.

Blackout Mongoose

Lastly – the birthday celebration mystery drop. Bi metal sale mystery sale. 33 of them will be available, as I turned 33. It could be any of our current Bi Metal lineup. I know what they are, you’re going to be happy. More like your birthday than mine.

Have a great night!


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