Interstellar Life and Deep Purple Mongoose

G2 Nation,

It’s Friday. It’s drop day. The first attempt at a dual drop set up for us. The idea is still the same amount of yoyos overall but maybe only a drop every other week. Same amount of yoyos, why does it matter? Well in this style I expect more of you to be able to win during the drop and land a yoyo. Drops should last longer than a couple minutes. Where the smaller amount each week leads to more people walking away with the feeling that they lost. We will see what happens this week and evaluate for moving forward.

Today at 8pm eastern we have the second 6061 Mongoose color to release. Deep Purple. I am working on getting an introduction video today but if I don’t – Specs 55mm x 45mm 64.9 grams – I believe this is one of our widest yoyos in comparison to diameter. Plays great.

Deep Purple Mongoose

Now the Interstellar Life. The life has been a fan favorite for the last two years. We are winding down the second / final run this year. This is one of my favorite colors and one has landed in my collection case.

Interstellar Life

See you all at 8pm eastern in the store. I might be live on YouTube earlier for a testing steam. Yeah, its been a crazy week on the family side and I only have the assembly done so far.


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