The Elite

The Elite is G Squared YoYos passion project. I can’t remember being more proud of a design. Making a bimetal was a huge undertaking that presented many new challenges and opportunities. Finally, after four prototypes, we got it perfect.

When approaching the Elite we didn’t want to make a bimetal just to do it, we wanted to utilize the properties that make this medium special. To harness the magical feeling you get the second you throw a truly well designed bimetal. Our goal was to achieve performance you can’t with strictly aluminum. Obtaining levels of stability and momentum at a weight you can’t reach without the use of different materials. Here at G2 we don’t just go through the motions, we are Elite.

Releasing soon at
*Presale Friday details soon*

Diameter – 57mm
Width – 43mm
Weight – 62 grams
Body – 6061 aluminum
Weight ring – stainless steel
Bearing – Boss Rage and Wrath (size c)
Response – G19 pads (19mm)
Price – $159

Becoming Elite at PNWR

Goood Mooorning!

Trying to answers some FAQ I’ve been getting recently about our booth at PNWR 2017. Yes, there will be Elites for sale there. This is your first chance to pick one up. $150 at the contest, $159 when we Release in a couple weeks. There will also be plenty of other things at the booth. You can see everything that will be available in this video –
G2 PNWR 2017 Booth

Unfortunately I will not be attending, just not a good time at work for me to take off. Kyle will be their manning the booth. I THINK he will be able to take credit card, but take cash if you can, just to be safe.

Hope you all have an incredible contest!