Quake Retirement

G2 Nation,

Tonight we retire the Quake. I thought I was going to do this last year, but kept pushing it off. These made the move with us from the old HQ to the new HQ. Anyway they are ready to rock and will be in the store at 8pm est tonight.
Also – the andromeda swirl will be have some up for raffle on the G2 Nation FB page as well as a post on patreon.com/g2jake exclusive for members. Miss out on each attempt there will be a silent auction. Send your highest bit to gsquaredyoyos@gmail.com whoever bids highest will pay the bid of the 2nd highest person plus $1 and shipping.
Yep, these ship in the wood boxes so that’s cool. These are from the old anodizer that also did the best swirls. See you tonight!

retirement quakes
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