Boss Rage Bearing

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The Boss Rage bearing is a standard C size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″). It will fit all G Squared YoYos and most all other modern yoyos.

This 10 ball bearing features a concave profile along with a string centering groove.

This bearing comes desheilded making cleaning or adding lube super easy!

2 reviews for Boss Rage Bearing

  1. Rock

    The Boss Rage bearing is very dependable, durable, and quiet…I’ve used them extensively and found them to be just that!

  2. Joseph Ball

    Best bearing for most of my yoyos. The Rage has that center groove which holds the string off the side walls of the yoyo, that helps reduce drag and reduce the turning of the yoyo. Near silent, spins forever. I want to use these to replace all my KK bearings now.

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