12 YoYo Case


It’s time to clean up that desk and take care of your collection. Also the ideal way to take them on the go for trips, meets, or contests. This case will protect 12 of your prized possession. We kept the padding between throws thick enough that you can have oversized throws next to each other without them touching.

Each case will ship with 1 G2 accessory container, and 1 set of G19 pads.

*yo-yos are not included with the case.*

**This item is a stand alone item. It has a specific box for shipping. Please do not add other items to this order. The exception to this is pads, bearings, and string.They can be added to the accessories container**

Dimensions of the case – 12in x 9 1/2in x 3 1/4in.

Availability: 14 in stock

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