Indigo Dreams Valhalla

G2 Nation,

We are back with another drop time write up. Keeping the history books going.

Today is a bit of a special drop, we have the iridescent rims on the dark blue body. Green / Gold on the outer portion, pink – purple – copper on the inner part. I’m a big fan of the oil slick look on these, and I know many of you are as well.

Lucid Dreams Valhalla

As far as the numbers go, we have 19 on the site. I believe 22 had passed QC. One goes out to Damian, and some had gone to the contest last weekend. One saved back for our next yoyo draft. Drop is 10/21/21 8pm eastern in the store. members – make sure if you buy one tonight to message me on Patreon for your refund.

Oh one last thing – Go Browns. Thursday night football.


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