Von Boom Respawn Lite

G2 Nation,

It has been a bit since we have had an artist edition. The wait is finally over, were back and this time on the Lite version. 53 grams instead of the 56g the original is. Doesn’t seem like much, but it makes a big difference on those stall and kick flip tricks.

Victor Bazaz is the artist on these. He has done other art for yoyos in the past. He was also the consultant behind some of our best and ideas. The big bang triton and the lava lamp triton.

Two colors available 10/14/21 both in limited quantities. As always, artist editions are one and done.

Von Boom Resapwn Lite

These will be in the store at 8pm eastern. Didn’t mention it before, but the diamond blast on these is incredible. Take a look at the photo above.

Have a great night,


Von Boom Respawn Lite
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