Fright Night Respawn

Happy Halloween!

This is the third year we have had an artist edition with a Halloween theme. First person to tag me on instagram with a picture of all 3 wins a dope prize.

Ryan Johnson did the art for these. He does amazing work every single time. This time is something special with the engraving on the black/red acid wash. Truly incredible.

Fright Night Respawn (side a)
Fright Night Respawn (Side b)

If you haven’t seen these yet, the Respawn Lite is our updated Respawn design. Dropping the weight down a few grams, you really notice it on stall and kick flip tricks. It has been a player favorite for anyone that remotely likes responsive play. Some players like it unresponsive, but I usually keep mine tug friendly.

These will be on the side Sunday 10/31/21 at 8pm eastern. Only a limited number available for this artist run.


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