Elite Day

G2 Nation,

Today is the day. The day I have been working so hard for. Today I get to release the Elite. This yoyo consumed me, I put all my passion into it. I didn’t want to do this just to do it, I wanted to take my time and do it right. Striving to display the properties best fit for the dense SS rings. All while shaping the Elite into the classic, timeless yoyo that I am so proud of.

Not only does the Elite look great, it plays great. We kept the weight low, 62 grams, but were still able to maximize performance. Stability, speed, momentum are all words that come to mind when I play with this yoyo. It’s like a finely tuned machine made to slay tricks on the end of your string. I can’t wait for you to throw your hardest combo at this yoyo and after you’re done laugh when it asks for more.

Thank you all for being patient with us, believing in us, and understanding that it was going to take us some time to do this our way. The only way we know, the right way. You can’t rush something like this, so thank you for that.

As you know the Elite will be available today at 5pm est. In our store, gsquaredyoyos.com We only have 5 ready to do with the PNWR prerelease boxes. We know that wasn’t enough to warrant its own release. So, we have 15 pre sales going on the store as well. These yoyos are tested and ready to go, I am just waiting on the new packaging. (white boxes and sleeve with gold foil imprint) These boxes should be ready to go in two weeks, as soon as they are finished your yoyo will ship. At that time we hope to have a restock of the MS-70 Penny Elite. Ordering today will ensure you get one and will guarantee you get your Elite as fast as possible

Thank you for inspiring me,

G2 Jake

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