The Elite

The Elite is G Squared YoYos passion project. I can’t remember being more proud of a design. Making a bimetal was a huge undertaking that presented many new challenges and opportunities. Finally, after four prototypes, we got it perfect.

When approaching the Elite we didn’t want to make a bimetal just to do it, we wanted to utilize the properties that make this medium special. To harness the magical feeling you get the second you throw a truly well designed bimetal. Our goal was to achieve performance you can’t with strictly aluminum. Obtaining levels of stability and momentum at a weight you can’t reach without the use of different materials. Here at G2 we don’t just go through the motions, we are Elite.

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*Presale Friday details soon*

Diameter – 57mm
Width – 43mm
Weight – 62 grams
Body – 6061 aluminum
Weight ring – stainless steel
Bearing – Boss Rage and Wrath (size c)
Response – G19 pads (19mm)
Price – $159

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