AL7 Life Nebula

What a wonderful day in early December. Not because of the weather but because we have a treat to drop today. The AL7 Nebula is finally here and ready to do. I have been waiting on these from the anodizer since mid July.

Ok – let’s talk about how you get a chance to land one. The Nebula is one of those colors that we will only run one time per release, regular life was done prior this will be the only set for the AL7 Life.

We had 20 ordered only 18 passed QC.

12 will be listed on the site at 7pm eastern today (12/3/21) I understand its going to be frustrating if you don’t get one. Nebula is one of the colors that is hard for the anodizer to do, and always has really high demand of people wanting to buy one. The best thing I can say is be fully prepped to check out prior to the drop with some strings or a bearing, then go back to the store and wait for the yoyo to drop.

We will also have 5 up lottery style for members at That one is simple you just comment that you would like to buy one, and I do a randomizer for the winners. If you land one from the store, I will remove your name from the lotto list.

The last one will be available via silent auction. This helps anyone thats going to pay aftermarket prices get one direct, and helps keep flippers from buying them at the store because they know that the person willing to pay aftermarket prices will already have access to one direct. The way that works is you email your highest offer to the highest offer wins, and pays the price of the second highest offer. If you land one from the store or lottery on patreon, I will remove your bid.

AL7 Life Nubula

Hopefully that answers all the questions, good luck tonight. I should be having more “fancy” ano in the store on the regular. I have agreed to a schedule with the anodizer that should be more regular.


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