Titanium Triton V2

G2 Nation,

Today is the day you can reserve your version 2 proto of the ti triton. There is a video with fill details I’ll try to plug in when I get on a desktop. But in short, this version is softer on the rim, and adds some direct rim weight.

it’s only going to be available for order for 4 hours. 5-9 eastern in the G2 store. It will be listed at its deposit price, and there will be another payment when it’s ready to ship. $60 for those that ordered the V1 and $90 for those that are hoping in the process now. If you get in new on the V2 make sure I get you added to the private Facebook group. Also you will be guaranteed access to the production run, which will not be an open pre order.

I am offering polished and raw for the V2. You make the choice when ordering on the site.

Titanium Triton V2 Proto

Happy to get this project moving again. These are expected to be done mid January or early February. Dependent upon when I can get Titanium to the machine shop.

Edit – I forgot to mention that anyone that buys V2 will also get a discount on the next release – V3 or production depending on what it’s is. It will be 20% off the retail price.

happy Friday,


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