Nebula Reaper

G2 Nation,

Today is the drop for the incredible Nebula Reaper. 4/23/21 in the g2 store, patreon, and one silent auction.

We ran 20 of these. 16 passed QC. Not the best pass rate but after initial testing I was happy to get this many.

For the silent auction, I will notify the winner on Saturday morning. To enter send your highest bid to the highest bid will win and pay the price of the 2nd highest bid plus shipping.

The raffle on patreon will be drawn on twitch today around noon eastern. Those winners will get to buy the nebula at retail without going through the store at drop time.

I will be holding 1 back for the draft and 10 will make it on the site at 7pm eastern. Maybe luck and internet connection be on your side to land this gem!

Nebula Reaper

Have a great weekend!


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