Titanium Triton V1

G2 Nation,

Most of you have seen this video explaining the preorder by now. If you haven’t here is the link – https://youtu.be/6vJa79xV-xw

quick bullet points –

available for 10 minutes at 9am and for 10 minutes at 9pm eastern in the G2 store. Friday 4/16/21

Proto will take about 10 weeks to get back. You will have access to the Titanium Triton FB group where I’ll be asking you all questions after you get them, to help compare it to the OG triton and if the conversion translates to Ti.

Titanium Grade 5

Opportunity in the FB group to get yours anodized by me, or order a blasted version.

Access to any other protos and guaranteed one of the first production runs.

Specs are very close to the OG Triton.
56.5 x 44 x 65grams – 8mm axle, G19 pads.

$270 for the pre order. $255 if you’re a patreon backer.

Any other questions please reach out. This is our most anticipated yo-yo I can remember. Currently I do not plan to have a pre order for the production run.


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