Lucid Dreams Arbiter / Nightfall Pelican

G2 Nation,

Double drop on Friday 11/20/20 – We have the Lucid Dreams Arbiter and the Nightfall Fade Pelican.

First the Lucid Dreams – This color way was inspired by out BAP SS and I wanted to have blue version to compete with it. Something else that pop off the page with brightness, but also doesn’t contrast the rings too much. We are in love.

Lucid Dreams Arbiter

And next we have the Nightfall Pelican. It’s a deep purple and royal blue fade, really shows an amazing purple when spinning. Shutter speed was a bit fast on this spinning photo, but I liked it a lot still. Its more of the right purple color to the eye.

Nightfall Pelican

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.


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