Shark Week Respawn

Good Evening G2 Nation,

You might have seen a post on Tuesday about an announcement we had planned. Well, that got delayed until right now!

Ryan Johnson made us some incredible art for this Shark Week Respawn. If you don’t already know, the Respawn is our modern resposive yoyo, that we have also been using as an canvas for different art. Below are a couple mock ups of what we expect the yoyo to look like after being engraved.

Side 1
Side B

There will also be an alternate version, where the anodizing is a blue acid wash instead of the solid deep blue.

This drop is going to be slightly different than most of the other Artist Edition Respawns. You won’t have to camp out for the drop on the website, these are going to be a preorder for 24 hours only, with no limit. I have put in my resignation to my day job, and will be able to handle this preorder in a super timely manner. We expect to be able to get these ship out 35 days after the sale is complete.

I guess you want to know when they will be available? Thursday 8/13 at 8pm eastern until 8/14 at 8pm eastern. I am really looking forward to this process, and it’s going to be a litmus test for if we want to do similar releases in this manner.

If you are a patreon member at please make sure to check there before you order, as there is a discount code for you to use.

Thanks for being awesome,


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