Indigo Dreams Arbiter

Good Morning,

Just wanted to make a quick post on the release this Saturday, the Indigo Dreams Arbiter. It’s a Blue/Navy body with dual tone SS rings. The outer section of the rings are a blue/green reflection while the inner section is more of a pink/purple gloss. It’s a bit hard to get photos of, but looks incredible in person.

Indigo Dreams SS Rings

A few other fun facts. This is the last of the 2nd run of Arbiter, we do plan on having a third run later this year. There are going to be 20 listed on the website, one saved for a future draft, and one saved for the silent auction.

These will be live on the site at 12 noon eastern 6/13/20. I have heard the calls from Europe, and wanted to make sure this was at a more friendly time for them.

Hope you all have an incredible weekend.


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