Scales Fundraiser

Good Morning G2 Nation,

On Sunday – Scales Collective held a fundraiser to help with the social injustice in the United States. They took all sorts of donations for a raffle prize and reached out for G2 to submit something to be auctioned off. At this time we didn’t have anything “rare” that I thought would bring a high dollar to the cause.

So I decided on something better. A custom anodized Life and Respawn. The two pack will be anodized in a color way of your choice. Up to 4 colors, using the standard wash, splash, and speckles techniques. I have been wanting to dip my toe back into allowing for custom color ways now that we have found a good anodizer, and this seemed like a great test.

If you are reading this on Monday June 8th, there might still be time for you to grab this package. Head over to the scales site and take a look –

Raw Respawn and Life
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