The Yoluminati Project (CF004)

G2 Nation,

Yeah, late notice but this still gives you time to snag one I hope.

The Casefile Series is our way to expirment with designs and ideas. Each tome we do them it’s a single run and done.

Tonight we are dropping the last we have of the 004s. 8:30 pm est. Most are solid black, a few have the yoluminati engraving.

The 004 was a project between some friends in the IRC chatroom. I talk more in depth about it here –

It’s smaller than anything we have released in a while, the main catch zone might remind your of the original Elite.

Specs –
Diameter – 52mm
Width – 40mm
Weight – 64 grams
Pads – G19
Bearing – Boss Ripper
Axle – 8mm

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