G2 Josef Day

G2 Nation,

We’ve been holding this news in for a bit, and it’s about time we finally let the cat out of the bag. Josef Chung has joined the team, and wanted to do so by sharing what his PNWR freestyle was supposed to look like! We all get nervous on stage especially the first time up and Josef wanted some redemption from his nerves! Here it is – The Goods

I know you all will leave some love and be sure to go follow him on Instagram @jinhocn

A bit more news for today – a drop! We have clear Reapers and some of the protos of Project A v2s. 9pm est in the G2 Store.

V2 will not be the final version, we want to move some of the rim weight into the mid wall, as well as adjust the spike to match the Reaper styling.

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for the support, and have a wonderful day.


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