AL7 Retiement Release

G2 Nation,

Today’s the today. The final day we get to celebrate the performance that is the AL7 Elite. 7075 with both SS and Brass weight rings will be available in the store at 8pm est.

Feels a bit bitter sweet to retire the AL7 Elite 2018. The yoyo still has the performance top level competition players still need today, still has the elegance as a display piece in your collection.

It’s just time though, as a small maker of premium yoyos we can only focus on so many designs. So with that in mind we say goodbye to the AL7 version this week, and the regular version in the weeks to come. Hopefully our future products can shine the way these do.

A grades are pretty limited so if you want to secure one for your collection I suggest being on the site when they drop. Glitches will be available as well at a discounted price for a minor vibe. Preformace is still incredible on them.

Thank you!


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