AL7 Rainicorn Swirl Wolf Release

G2 Nation,

It’s finally time. We’re as ready as we can be. The Rainicorn on the AL7 Wolf is ready to go. What’s special about the Rainicorn swirl colorway? Well besides it being epic, it’s only done once per model. So you will never see this done again on an AL7 Wolf.

Quantity is very limited, please be patient if we have website issues, I’m not sure how it will handle the demand. Please also remember it is not yours until you pay, just adding it to you cart does nothing.

Ok so the drop is Friday 10/27/17 at 5:30 pm est. Followed by the lottery. If you need more details on that, watch the end of the vlog uploaded on Thursday 10/26/17… yes you might be reading this before that video is up, but it’s easier to describe the process that way.

*Edit* I guess it’s not that hard.. if you want to enter the lottery to win the rights for to purchase an AL7 Rainicorn Swirl Wolf email between 6-7pm est on Friday with the subject “Wolf Lottery”, also include your name and address in the body so I know you only entered once. Winners will have the rights to purchase the left over wolves and glitches.

Thanks for the incredible support and good luck!


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