Case File 002 Release 10/18/17

G2 Nation,

It’s finally time to release the second yoyo in our Case File series. Our experiment series. The series where we try new and unusual things, for a LIMITED 1 time run. (We will not make this yoyo again)

The 002 is a big organic yoyo with an undercut and fingerspin dimple. It’s been a favorite of the teams, so much so that we considered making it a production yoyo instead of a Case File.

It’s comes in two colors. A purple – berries n cream and a blue – frostbite. You will have two chances to pick these up. Wednesday at 6pm est we will have the larger release. If the site doesn’t load, stick around it takes a few minutes for the hosting to upgrade to need the demand. (I think I said that right) Your second chance is a mystery drop on Wednesday. No announcement will be made by G2 about this drop.

Can’t wait to get these in your hands, you will love it!


Ps – the photo is my personal CF 002. 50/50 swaps will not be available. It’s good to be the boss sometimes.

Specs… I guess you might want those too
Diameter – 55.25mm
Width – 42.5mm
Weight – Will weigh tonight, I forget.
Axle – 8mm
Response – G19 pads
Bearing – Boss Rage and Boss Wrath
Machined in China
Anodized, assembled, and tested in Ohio

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