Last of the first run Elites

G2 Nation,

Huge shoutout to everyone that has already picked up a first run Elite. It looks like we under shot demand for our first bimetal with both drops selling out in minutes. Second run is in the works and hopefully won’t take too long. With that said I am going to be releasing the last of the MS-70 Penny Elites right now without a prior announcement.

The whole first run was done in the MS-70 Penny (rose gold) color, one of our personal favorites. I decided to do a random drop for the remaining Elites, hopefully you are seeing this post early enough to pick one up. Boxes are finished and should be here early next week, and shipment will closely follow to your mailbox. It’s going to be an epic week for mailday posts when these arrive, I’m so excited for you to finally get them.

Thank you all for the incredible support and helping G2 grow everyday,

G2 Jake

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