The Loadout

G2 Nation! Ron here. IYKYK.

Jake is out of town today being a good dad. SO! I am taking advantage of it.

We have had the Loadout designed and waiting for my third anniversary here at G2 to drop it. That’s a ways away still, so I jumped the gun and decided to drop it today for Cyber Monday. Ask for forgiveness not permission ha. I talk more about it in the video below but this was mostly my take on modernizing a few of the classic yo-yos I lived from the early to mid 2010s. (Finally got Jake to push the width a bit)

This is going to be set up just like the Wraith preorder from Friday. There are no plans for normal retail release of the Loadout. Limit of 2 per customer so that more of our fans can get an order in.

*Loadout Specs – 55.7mm x 46.6mm and 64ish grams. G20 pads. Boss Ripper bearing. 6061 diamond blasted. 10mm axle.

Preorder details – The Loadout will only be available from 8am to 8pm eastern in the g2 store on 11.27.23. Your purchase price listed on Monday is your preorder deposit. The total price of the Loadout is the deposit plus $20 and shipping. These will be ready to ship at the end of Feb or early March. When they are ready to ship you will get an emailed invoice for the remaining balance ($20 + Shipping) The address used to pay this invoice will be the shipping address used. Deposits are non refundable, it’s your reservation for the Loadout. It can be transferred to another buyer.

The Loadout will be limited to 4/5 colors and a mystery option. The mystery colorway could end up being one of the colors listed or a different color overall. If you order multiple loadouts I will make sure you don’t get duplicate via the mystery.

*The specs are subject to change. I have a prototype on the way to me, I will be able to make minor adjustments before the production run if I find a way to improve the yoyo after testing. If changes are major, I will email all buyers the changes to confirm they want to continue with their order. 

Here is the video I made with more info on the design process.

Happy Cyber Monday, thanks for supporting my yoyo and helping me keep my gig at G2. Jake if you’re reading this, hope your having a good weekend with the fam.


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