2023 Holiday Sale

G2 Nation,

Yes, Black Friday is here. I know it’s not Friday. I know everyone starts their sales early to try and be the first one. Im not trying to ship anything after Wednesday so my sale is going live today around noon eastern. It’s a bit different too, I don’t have yoyos sitting in the store that I can just mark down. It doesn’t make sense to drop a new release at a discounted price, so these are going to be semi mystery style. That means you will get to know a portion of the details but not all of them. And a nice discount.

I will have 4 yoyos available.

First is the Ti Triton. There is only 3 of these and you don’t get to know the color before hand.

Second is a Berry Storm mono metal. This storm is a bit more toward the dark purple side, similar to the B22 berry storm.

Third is a bi metal. BAP with rainbow rims.

Fourth is a bi metal. Candy Strom (Blue/Pink/Clear) This bi metal is not the same model as the BAP.

Hopefully you enjoy the sale! A few other merch items will be on sale from now until the yoyos are sold out.

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