Introducing the Banshee 22

G2 Nation,

I am going to keep this short and sweet. The video goes into more depth and writing up flashy descriptions really isn’t my strong suit.

The Banshee 22 – we continue to update the Banshee to match the current preferences of modern designs. Hard to imagine the original was released over 5 years ago. The 22 is more of a modern OG than an updated 18. I really went after that zippy float that the original is known for.

Banshee 22

Specs –

55.5mm x 44.6mm – our smallest diameter and widest Banshee weights in at 63 grams. (More comparisons can be seen in the video.)

Drop – I stealth dropped the EDC Gray on Christmas Day. The Deep Purple and Peach will be available in the store 12/30 at 8pm eastern. Both colors are limited to 10 or less units. Moving into 2023 you will see mostly smaller drops to let me work on a larger variety of colors. Splash colors are currently delayed at the anodizer.

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