Retirement Banshee SS

G2 Nation,

The day is here. The final release of the Banshee SS. Seems like I should have made a million of these. I didn’t. I made 25. 19 passed QC, 8 were sold via lotto style to patreon members, 1 was held back for the next draft, and the remaining 10 will be in the store today at 8pm eastern. GLHF please don’t attack me if they sell out instantly. I was going to do a random drop, but was talked out of it by members of the discord. They had valid points. Attack them not me. JK. I’ll take the blame, I had no idea how many I should have made for a final drop. I should have done more or taken a pre order.

I made these short video to go over the Banshee SS. Enjoy it.

What’s next? I am not sure, let the SS have its time.


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