10 Year Celebration Sale

G2 Nation,

10 years. Ten years. I can’t believe G2 has been around for a decade now. That blows my mind. Thank you. Yes, if it wasn’t for you supporting what we do with these yoyo’s I would have been done long ago. Thank you, truly. If I was the only one playing with these things the Albatross would have been a one hit wonder.

In 2012 I had just graduated college. I was working as a AP processor by day, maintenance guy at a church for events at night. The night job had a lot of down time and that is where my love for yoyo was reignited. I had been into yoyos doing the “boom” back in middle school, but now yoyo was different. Unresponsive play had changed the game, endless tricks to try and learn. From 2010 to this point I would spend hours on yoyoexpert learning everything Andre had posted.

G2’s first yoyo the Albatross was released in the spring of 2012. I dumped my life savings into that project. You know that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you make a large purchase for the first time? Yeah, multiply that by 10. I had convinced myself it was worst decision I could make. 10 years later, it was the best. It wasn’t an easy journey and we haven’t worked to this hard to only get this far. 10 more years? I won’t commit to that, but I know we still have more to do on this adventure.

Original G2 Albatross

If you haven’t been under a rock, you know we like to call Tuesday – G2sday. And this year we get the most epic G2sday ever. 2/22/2022. Just in time for our 10 year anniversary. One of the biggest complaints about G2 is how hard it is to land our stuff. Being a one man shop, I can only release so many yoyos. If I could do more without an employee I would, this is a business after all.

So for 2 hours and 22 minutes starting at 2:22 eastern, I am setting up an epic pre order event. No limits. As long as you stop in, you’re going to be able to get what you want. What’s going to be available? I’m glad you asked.

First up – The Titanium Albatross. You know that beautiful organic that started it all for G2 10 years ago? Yeah that guy, well this is your chance at a titanium version. slightly updated to fit our new pads, but the main specs will be staying the same. Available in raw, black, and copper. Specs – 56mm x 43.55mm x 64.4g x G19 Pads x Grade 5 Titanium. It looks super close to the original Albatross but Titanium and sparks when you ding it.

Titanium Albatross

Second – That Mini Banshee is finally ready, but in two versions. The regular version and a wide version. The regular version fits in the pocket more like a mini, where the wide version plays like a full size yoyo while having the small diameter. Mini Specs 47.8mm x 39.5mm x 58g x G19 pads Mini Wide Specs 48mm x 42.9mm x 60g x G19 pads Both rock the full size c bearing as well. Both different than the V2 proto that is out there. Yes softer spikes too. The v2 is kind of the middle of these.

B18, Mini Banshee Wide, Mini Banshee

Third – The Banshee 18 is coming up to its retirement. Many regard the 7068 version as the cream of the crop. The best mono AL our there. This version was limited to a patreon shipment last year. Now everyone will have the opportunity to snag one, and send the B18 on its way into the sunset. Specs 55.95mm x 43.05mm x 66.4g x G19 pads x boss rage bearing

B18, Mini Banshee Wide, Mini Banshee

Fourth – The Decade. The what? Look it’s 2/22/22, our 10 year anniversary, I want to make this event epic. You can likely guess what it’s inspired by, but its mystery design that will ONLY be sold via this 2 hour pre order. I know, I know, you want a little hint. 52.5mm x 41mm x 62g x Boss Rage Bearing

Cool. Cool.

Each of these orders is going to be a set up where your deposit is paid on Tuesday when you place your order. The remainder will be due upon shipment, which I am expecting to be in late May or early June. Trying to play it safe to be early with these. I will email you an invoice to pay the remaining balance and get your shipping info at that time. Make sure the email you checkout with is the email you check. Please don’t add any accessories at this time, if you want some we can add them when I email the invoice for the remaining balance.

Colors will be listed on Tuesday with the release.

I’ll see you Tuesday. Any questions ask me. Love to hear from all of you.

Patreon peeps, check patreon for your discount breakdown. If you get one yoyo you’re getting your money back for the month. More than that and the savings starts to pile up with your discounts. http://www.patreon.com/g2jake

10 years. wtf.


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