Blackout Valhalla

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These posts on the news page are usually the last thing on my to-do list for a release. Ive gotten some feedback this week that people really like the news updates because they can do a quick scan for the details and don’t need to watch a YouTube video, or hope they see the G2_drops post on instagram. So, lets see if I can get myself to make the news posts a priority.

Blackout Valhalla – Clean, classy, elegant, fierce. The black on black is always a fan favorite for out Bi Metal offerings. This is the last color from the original run with the 7068 body. The next run will be with a 6061 body.

Blackout Valhalla

Details –

Drop – Friday – 1/28/22 – 8pm eastern.

58mm by 43.95mm

10mm axle, G19 pads

Boss Ripper Bearing

20 passed QC

Here is a video we made for the blackout with the help of my boss.

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