Solar Splatter Pelican and BAP Valhalla

G2 Nation,

Looks like were about have an epic end of the year. A double drop on the 31st.

First up, the Solar Splatter P19. These have been sitting at the anodizers for like 8 months at this point. I was worried about this color way because of the orange in the middle. I didn’t know if it would come out bright like the yellow and pink. Well it did, and it’s so so awesome.

3 ways to land one.

1 – 8pm eastern on Friday. Be fast, very fast.

2 – Lottery at Be lucky

3 – Silent auction – email offer to – Winner will pay the 2nd highest offer plus shipping. If you land one via the store or patreon, I will remove your bid.

Solar Splatter Pelican

Now we also have a BAP Valhalla drop at the same time. These will all be on the website at 8pm eastern. Amazing color way on the best playing yoyo from 2021. Bright pink with colorful rims. Make sure to watch the video, it shows the different colors better than any of the photos can. If you are a patreon member and snag a Valhalla, message me over there and ill refund you $10.

Hope you’re set for a fun, safe, and healthy New Years!


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