Nebula P19 and Lucid Dreams AL7 Banshee SS

G2 Nation,

This Wednesday – 7/28/21 at 9pm eastern we are doing something special. It’s been a bit since we dropped two yoyo on the same day, but we are.

Both of these color ways are incredible and I figured the best way to make the most people happy was to drop them together. This way many more people can walk away with something if they want to. I would normally expect both of these colors to sell out very quickly but with the extra number of yoyos, I think the odds are good you can snag one if you show at drop time.

First the Nebula P19. It’s just awesome, one of the fan favorite color ways. limited number of these, if you miss the drop and would like to snag one after, you can submit a bid to the silent auction. send your highest offer, winner will pay what the second highest offer was plus shipping. This process seems to help discourage scalping, and gets you the product direct from us vs second hand bst.

Nebula P19

Next is the Lucid Dreams AL7 Banshee SS. AL7 means the body is constructed from 7068 instead of 6061. Comes in about .5 grams heavier vs the standard version. Personal preference for which you like better. I usually prefer the AL7 but it depends on the day. Look at the rim. Look at them. Then look at the body. Just so good.

Lucid Dreams Banshee SS

Thanks for the support friends. Hope you have a great week.


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