G2 Nation,

We made 15, 14 of those passed QC. 10 for the site, 2 for patreon.com/g2jake raffle, 1 for the silent auction, and 1 for the draft. Glitch is going into my display case for the time being. Boss perks.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, I think its the best RRR yet. Take a look and it will be compared to the others. These ones seem to have more of the blue/green/yellow in them that I personally like.

Reverse Rainbow Road Pelican

Drop is set for Friday – 6/25/21 at 7pm eastern. I will do the patreon raffle on Saturday morning, and will get back to the silent auction winner on Saturday after I remove the bids that got one from the store or raffle. Silent auction is set up so the highest offer wins but pays the second highest offer. gsquaredyoyos@gmail.com is the only way to enter that.

Have a great weekend.


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