Unearthed Arbiter and Kraken Respawn

G2 Nation,

Just checking in to have a news post on these beautiful yoyos to look back on in a few years.

First the Unearthed Arbiters – We talked about this color way with the Banshee SS. It is just incredible for anyone that likes classy stuff. I mean look at it, the brown and black just goes so well. Don’t wear brown shoes with a black belt, but you can do brown yoyo with black rims.

Unearthed Arbiter

Now onto the Kraken Respawn. This might be the best Artist Edition to date. I put one in my case and kept one for an EDC. Ryan Johnson did the art for these and absolutely crushed it. I had to go all out with the photos to match how good the art was.

Kraken Respawn
Kraken Respawn

Both of these are going to be available in the G2 Store at 7pm eastern 1/29/21

Hope you all have great weekend,


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